11 thoughts on “Sydney Van Leigh Armer”

  1. I love portraits because they form intimate relationships between the camera and it’s subject. Obviously these subjects knew they were being photographed and to me, that brings out interesting characteristics of self esteem, ego, and confidence. The look on this couple’s face portrays a strong confidence and self acceptance and I love that.

  2. The colors in this photograph are absolutely stunning. I don’t know if you styled them or not but if you did, you did a fantastic job. My only critique is that the cropping looks just a hair off. I would movie the figures to right just a little bit. Other than that I love it!

  3. I LOVE THIS IMAGE! The selective focus really guarantees that my eye stays on the subjects. The colors in the image play nicely off of eachother. The expression on the subjects faces intrigue me. Over good composition and the detail in the images causes my eye to linger.

  4. The color palate you chose works well to create a feeling of warmth and tranquility. The deep blacks and bright whites creates nice contrast. Both subjects’ expressions look natural and brings together a well composed and processed photo.

  5. Great portrait, the colors work very well with creating a very comfortable portrait session. My only suggestion is working with a not so high ISO, there seems to be a lot more noise than usual, unless that is the aesthetic that you are going for. Great image, and you should explore more in portrait photography.

  6. I love this photo. I feel like it manages to transverse many different periods of time. It seems to tell a story, and I would like to see more images to have a better idea of what the story is. Wonderful portrait.

  7. I like that you have included some background in the image to give rest to the eye. The composition of the two people is very intimate and captivating. Is this a series or is it a stand alone photo? Overall the lighting is really good, the colors are harmonious, and I like that the woman has a flower crown and wearing a floral shirt — it’s a nice repetition of elements!

  8. Everything in this image works aesthetically – the tones, the focus…and the faces of the models say so much on their own. On its own though I think this photo could be stronger. I want to know more about the setting and the characters. It would help if you zoomed out perhaps and showed them doing something in their environment. Otherwise you could rely on a description to be captioned with the photo. Good stuff!

  9. This image does so much for me. To me it feels like a modern day depiction of what black love looked like in the 60s! I love the expression on their faces. Beautiful shot

  10. This portrait is marvelous. Everything from the composition, the color tones, and the focusing is spot on. I really enjoy your use of costumes in this image. It really drives home the idea of taking something vintage and making it modern. And your models do not look posed what so ever, which can be challenging at times. If I could change one thing with the image, I would have moved the models out of the center of the image because it seems a little bullseye in my opinion. Overall, you did a great job with your image.

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