10 thoughts on “Mariel Bolger”

  1. Love these photos as you know! The subject matter and perspectives help drive that theme you have of childhood and memories. All that I could add for improvement would be to experiment with stylistic choices to help exaggerate how a kid might view certain things. Maybe saturation, or vignettes, etc.

  2. This is a really interesting theme to explore and curious to see more images from this series. There is definitely a different point of perspective that children see from adults and I feel like you’ve captured some of these moments in your photographs. I would suggest playing around more with this theme as well as researching the way children interact with their space. Overall this is a great set of images and looking forward to seeing more.

  3. I really enjoy these photos! The photos really capture childhood memories. The pictures themselves are well taken. The colors are vibrant, but not too much, especially in the first picture. I really like how much the pick stands out by contrasting with the sidewalk! Would love to see more of this series.

  4. very intriguing photos. I love the photos you chose to portray as a glimpse into your series. I like how vibrant these photos are. It would be interesting if you edited them to look older, or like sam said before, with the vignettes, having almost tunnel vision like photos. Excited to see more 🙂

  5. I think you did a great job of portraying a child’s perspective, both in subject matter, as well as physically getting closer to the ground as if you were a small child. Great composition, but the first photo seems a bit staged… it seems like you posed the ice cream cone as if it had fallen. If this is true, it might seem more realistic to have the cone on its side or cracked, rather than a typical “cone tipped over” image.

  6. I like how you chose to represent a child’s perspective! I think it’d be even more interesting to have to bunny in places where children necessarily wouldn’t be to see how that affects what the image says.

  7. Narrating a story is always fun to see in photography and I love these. There’s a lot of different ways to represent a child’s perspective of familier childhood memories and I think these photos portray it well.

  8. There is something playful about the last two and they capture childhood and curiosity very well. Like Olivia mentioned, taking these photos closer to the ground helps the concept of your project. I think the images are framed well and the colors look great.

  9. Fun idea! I absolutely love the childhood memories that you chose to portray, especially the first two. They are truly momentous memories.
    If there should be any improvement, I think you could think more on artistic representation. For instance, vibrant colors can make the pictures more fun.

  10. The prespective you chose you portray these images at really support your concept of childhood. I feel as if I am the child and have a sense of nostalgia. The slight wash of color supports the concept of memory.

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