14 thoughts on “Meredith Whitaker”

  1. This is interesting. What medium did you use to create the filters? Is it digital? It would be cool if it were a mixture of digital and analog (drawing, etc.) work. Would love to hear more of an explanation!

  2. These are very interesting and beautiful. I especially love the first tow where the pattering is not as dense and more see-through. I like how the outline of the persons face is mor prominent and notable. Overall very creative and great job!!

  3. The contrast between the black&white photo and the colorful, abstract additions creates a symmetrical yet imbalanced composition. I wonder if each collage/drawings is unique to that person, or was a personal choice. Nonetheless, I really enjoy looking at the image — it has a balance of complexity and simplicity at the same time. The portraitures themselves are well executed and is consistent in all images.

  4. These are beautiful and very clean. I think your next steps could include doing this same process but not splitting the photos just vertically – rather blending them so that the digital effects are added in a more natural looking way.

  5. I like how abstraction of a person can personify them further and show you what kind of person they are on the inside.

  6. You have endless possibilities in working with images this way, and the four images look like they belong to the same body of work despite the difference in how you treated each photograph. These do look to be done digitally, and you might want to adding a layer of hand-made lines and painting for some extra depth.
    The last image is striking, but does not look as refined as the previous three. The black outline all-around half of the face is distracting and isn’t needed. I think you would have enough separation if you kept the thin black outline to the color-blocked areas.

  7. These are unique images and I think that the strongest ones are the ones with the bold color palette. The last two images are successful and I would be interested in seeing more portraits created with that same effect. I am curious to know about your concept for these pieces and whether or not you would be creating a large series from this. It is a very clean presentation and your photographs are well exposed.

  8. These are very interesting, I feel you may want to decide if you want the black separating line like you have at on the last one for all of them. Or just not have the black line for the last one. I think it might make them more cohesive.

  9. I love how the colorful half is overlayed on top of the black and white. It acts as a mask and I think that’s the effect you were going for.

  10. These are really cool pictures. I like how you interact portraits with your graphic designs and I’m assuming each design has it’s own meaning connecting with the person it’s matched?

  11. I really enjoy these images. The way you have each person a different personality expressed by color and design really makes this piece stand out. Also I feel like the contrast between the color and black and white really works. The first image is my favorite but I think they all work well together as a series.

  12. I like how these images show that, while on the outside we all seem pretty similar and plain, on the inside we are colorful, different, and abstract. No two people are alike regardless of how they look or act on the outside. Everyone is unique and beautiful.

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