9 thoughts on “Sarah Stankey”

  1. I like these photos. They have a very specific feel and theme. The only thing that I might change is the feet in the final photo. It does not seem consistent with the “all natural” theme that I am seeing in the rest of the series.

  2. I really love the image of the rocks, the space in the middle really draws my eye in. The detail and lighting looks inviting and a place I would like to further explore this place. All the colors and exposure in each of the images is great!

  3. Without any explanations, it is a little hard to tell what the theme is, but I do see a common element of nature in all of them. The color composition of mushrooms are striking. The cave image has a very unique perspective and point of view. Again, I wish there was an explanation of the theme, but overall the images have a captivating aesthetics.

  4. Immediately it’s the photo of the person in the water that forms my interpretation of the series. I see a very intimate relationship between that person and nature. Given that’s a bit cliche, I’m not sure what else to make of these photos besides that. I love the placid colors and the overall aesthetic

  5. I like all of these photographs, but I believe it would be a much stronger collection with just the first three photos. They tell a different story than the last one, maybe its the inclusion the feet, or the angle of the photo? Its still a lovely photo!

  6. I really like these images. I do wish the top one and the bottom one had a little more contrast to the image to give off a bit more shadows to the image and possibly show some more detail and texture to the subject. The third image really captures my attention because it looks like we are peaking at the world through a tiny opening watching the world go by.

  7. I really like the saturation of the last photo and I like the composition of the third image. A little bit more contrast in the space between the rocks would be great.

  8. The feels of these photos is very summer-ey and free, they remind me of going on adventures with friends. The most interesting ones have the subject centered, like the mushrooms and the photo of the lake.

  9. Dear Sarah,
    I love the picture of the trees. I loved how the picture captured the natural light from the sun. I have been trying to take some pictures like this but mine turn out darker. Great Job!


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