15 thoughts on “Ali Deane”

  1. I find this photo to be very striking. However, I would like to see a couple more photos in order to understand it within a series. This is a great direction but I would like to see more!

  2. this is a beautiful image, I would like to know what prompted you to take this image however, to give it a little more context.

  3. This is a very beautiful image. It has great tonal range and is compositionally very compelling. It could be the start of a very interesting narrative. It reminds me of a Hitchcock movie or something. I’d definitely like to see more images like this!

  4. I think you did a great job printing this photo. The greys are absolutely beautiful. I love the stillness of the composition. The only thing I would change is the cropping, it looks a little crooked.

  5. I like the gradient on the wall, it makes the chair really stand out. The lighting is beautiful, but the leg of the chair on the exact edge of the frame is kind of making me anxious…I wish the framing was just a little more technically correct. Overall great composition!

  6. I really love the simplicity of this image. The lighting gives the image a nice haze and milky texture. The tones are great. The simplicity of it makes the viewer wonder what was going on. This is a very thought provoking piece which is great.

  7. This photo shows a really good understanding of how light affects your subject. I do think that it’s a little busy on the right side – it might be nice if you zoomed in to focus more on the chair, or otherwise remove items, like the rug and the photo on the wall. Other than that, I think that the lighting is superb. Well done!

  8. I really enjoy the simplicity of this photograph. The contrast is well developed, showing the tiny details. One of the enjoyable parts of this photo is the rays of light captured through the center of the photo. These lines create a natural path to the main subject allowing the viewer time to notice the details of the room.

  9. The light filtering from the window is beautifully soft. The angles that the floor, walls, and light beams create is aesthetically pleasing. I would like to see the entirety of the last leg of the chair in the photograph.

  10. Very erie yet very calm and peaceful. I think the still life brings so much serenity to the composition, yet the crookedness, and the almost TOO still atmosphere brings a weird erie mood

  11. I think you did a great job on capturing light and shadow. The different level of shades on the wall looks amazing and it’s not easy to discover them when you are actually seeing them in the real world other than seeing from a photograph.

  12. The light from the door is amazing, I like the tone range in this picture, the shade of the chair looks good too, overrall a very good image.

  13. I love the emotion tied to this photograph. I find it to be particularly well balanced in saturation, brightness, and contrast. I think I would have cropped out the door, or added in the door a little more, but other then that the photo is beautifully done, well exposed.

  14. I love the way that this photo is exposed, with great developing, and how the lighting falls on the chair. We always have that idea of how we want a picture to look, this seemed to hit the nail right on the head. Very awesome photo.

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