11 thoughts on “Erin Kerr”

  1. These are nice, but I think that they are a little bit over exposed. Maybe try less exposure time in the darkroom? It would help to see more detail.

  2. I really love the second image there is something so beautiful about its simplicity. I love the texture of the image and how only some are bright and others very dark. I think the time could be a less just to have more detail but for the second I like the blown out and softer look.

  3. These are quite dark, which is fine if that’s what you’re going for. You might consider using a filter when printing in the dark room to add some contrast to bring the lighter colors out more. The framing in both pictures are certainly their strong point. You have a good eye!

  4. I like the lowkey values in these photos. It’s not too exaggerated to the point where it can be considered underexposed. It creates a very dark, but serene mood. The contrast of the calming subject matter to the dark, spooky colors make the series really interesting.

  5. The images are lacking whites, which could be because of the exposure while printing. Perhaps pull back a little from exposure time or dodge the white areas to avoid the grayness. The depth of field and composition of the second image is great!

  6. I really like the use of light in these images, they create a much more dynamic and multi layered image. The light in the first image especially does a great job creating a longer depth of field and draws my attention into the space.

  7. I think the overall composition of the images is great, the framing looks like it took time. The images are slightly overexposed in areas, but you are still getting a great amount of tonal range in your grays. the natural light was definitely to your advantage. I am curious to know the type of paper you are using, every paper will react differently/is easier to work with.

  8. I think the images are BEAUTIFUL composition and framing-wise. I think they are just overexposed. I think you need some more whites, and that would make your images pop so much more!!! Looking forward to seeing where this goes!

  9. I think they are a little too dark and are not showing off enough detail to the subject of the image. They do have good highlights to them, just need to be a little brighter.

  10. Your compositions and subject matter are very good, but I think both of your images were printed a little bit too dark. The of the shadows are lost a little bit, causing the images to look a little muddy. I would love to see the contrast pushed a little further with a higher filter and maybe a smaller aperture opening, so they would be a little lighter.

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