10 thoughts on “Maggie Fitch”

  1. At first glance I see confetti, but after close examination it can also be broken glass. It’s an important distinction, but assuming that’s a broken mirror I start to sense a lot of internal feelings from this photo. Her calm face contrasting that angry energy from the glass makes me think she’s masking or hiding some sort of true feeling towards something

    1. Thank you!! Yeah I do see exactly what you’re talking about with the contrasting energies. My intention was sadness the mirror was representing her feeling broken inside and how her heart is in pieces and her face is calm because that is how she hides it. So when she looks at herself, like we all do in a mirror, she sees someone who is broken but if someone else looks at her face to face she looks normal.

  2. I like the texture that the broken glass provides the image. It is very interesting to me what this images is about. For me it is about the way girls maybe view them selves and how it can be destructive to their self esteem. But that exactly what I like about this image, there can be multiple meanings and the audience can decide what they see or feel.

  3. The image is lacking clear whites — perhaps take back a little on exposure while printing; It needs more depth. I am not sure if this is a double exposure, but I really like the combination of different objects and elements in the photo.

  4. At first glance I saw spider webs. It was only after reading the comments that my eyes began to see the broken glass. Agree, a little more contrast with this print would bring out some great detail that is hidden in the darker areas. I’m curious if this was a self-portrait, as I find no indication of a camera in the image.

  5. This image is one of the best I’ve seen on the blog so far. It looks like it came out of a film. I also appreciate the story that the broken glass tells of her emotions [which seem to be sadness, and depression] as compared to her face which hides them.

  6. This photo is without a doubt very interesting – it’s abstract, mysterious, and well framed. It’s maybe a touch too underdeveloped, but other than that I love it. Please upload more photos from this shoot, I’d like to see more!

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