19 thoughts on “Tammy Taylor”

  1. I really like your usage of black and white here to bring out the mood and the texture of these photos. Even though they are all very disparate image types, the black and white and the feeling of them makes them go together very well. Nice work!

  2. I think these prints are very interesting since the contrast is so much and the two bottom images are so dark. I would like to see how the middle image would look brightened up a little bit, just to see a little more detail.

  3. These images are very striking. Typically I don’t like photos that are this dark because they can easily appear underexposed but I am actually drawn to the darkness in these. And I’m sure the darkness is very rich in person since they are gelatin silver prints! They are very much about shape and texture for me.

  4. These photos definitely recreate an urban, nighttime setting. The dim, partial lighting from street and artificial sources create that mood of a night in the city. I’m not too sure of anything else to take away from this besides that, any extra info could bring much more meaning to these photos

  5. These images are very interesting. I like the darkness effect, it adds a mysterious look and makes you want to keep looking at them. I especially like the second one in the series. I like how the the people figures are not in focus.

  6. I really love these images. The lighting and contrast within them makes them both visually interesting but it also gives the image texture. I like the second image and how you can see the motion making me feel more involved in the image.

  7. I think the textures of the top and bottom images work nicely together. I like the framing and composition of the second and third images together as well. I wish they felt more intentional or I had more background, but they do seem to capture a vague theme/story that I like on their own, already.

  8. All three of these photos show that you have an eye for framing. I enjoy the first and second ones the most because of the subject matter – maybe because I don’t quite know what I’m looking at. There’s a bit of mystery in that sense. Good work!

  9. Your use of contrast in these images is very intriguing. I believe it gives the second and third photo a very distinct feel (urban, night time, mysterious) but I would like to see what it looks like slightly lightened up. Overall however these are very successful at conveying a mood.

  10. You have gotten the lighting and printing down pretty well. There is all tones of gray in your images. The composition of the second image creates an optical illusion. I really enjoy your images with highlighting the textures.

  11. I enjoy the textures in these images as well as abstraction- specifically in the second image. Since it has such a low exposure, it flattens the image, which I think works to your advantage in effectively breaking up the space and creating a composition despite the lack of visibility in the figures. I enjoy the silhouetting!

  12. These are so rugged and robust. Even the second image feels industrial. You play with contrast very well in these photos. I would also like to see the first image with more contrast just to see what it looks like.

  13. I really like the motion blur of the person walking in the second photo! The contrast of the darkness and lighting, and the center composition work perfectly great!

  14. When shooting these photos I had no intention for these to be a series. However, when looking at them they worked well together and agree, they feel very urban and mysterious.

  15. I love this collection of photos. The light that you have pulled out of the bottom photograph of the beam is stunning, and the dark photo of the people walking is very impressive considering how dark it was. The top photo may not go as well along with these, as I’m not exactly sure what it is – but its an interesting collection of photos regardless.

  16. The contrast is absolutely stunning in these photos. The subject matter is beautifully photographed and works very well with the contrast within the photo. I am unsure what the first image is or where exactly the second two are taken but i think that’s what makes these images more interesting for the viewer. It makes the viewer more curious and want more. Beautiful images!

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