12 thoughts on “Isabella Stark”

  1. The tint of magenta/cyan in the images change the mood of the images and adds to the context and objects — romanticizes the city and and its elements. The second image is my favorite out of the two because of the distortion it has and the change in perspective. Excited to see more photos in the series.

  2. These images are really compelling. The color pallet seems to be slightly unnatural but I like that. It adds a cast onto the images that makes them feel a bit somber or dreamlike. I also like the perspective they were shot in. The viewers point of view is really mysterious and a bit disorienting (all good things that add interest for me).

  3. Cool stuff! I enjoy the color tone of each photo – it gives off a metropolitan feeling that fits the subject matter. I prefer the second photo over the first. In the first photo, I think it would be more interesting to see the people in the photo rather than the pipes. Thanks for sharing!

  4. beautiful composition and clarity in the images. There is a blue hue towards your image that reminds me of a rainy day; if this isn’t your intention be careful because there is this filter of blue across both of the images.

  5. I’m a big fan of the colors in these. The fact that you took the frame away from what people usually photograph (people walking down the street, for example) is nice as well. I also like how the glass bricks themselves are definitively out of focus while the reflections are in focus.

  6. I really love the color saturation here and how it functions to introduce a sort of emotional quality. I feel like these photos are depicting your mood when you took them and it serves to link them- which makes me like it all the more! Very strong.

  7. I really like the color tone of these two photographs and I think they really fit in the content in the photographs! Although there might be a little bit too much red in the first photo? But the overall look pretty awesome. Great job!

  8. I love how modern and crisp these images are.The saturation and the colors just pop out at you. I love that these still feel like textures even though they aren’t blatant. Great job

  9. I really enjoy the colors these, the purples and blues. You capture the feelings and imagery people see going down the street. You found the subtle compositions we walk by every day.

  10. The colors of these photos are striking and really amplify the textures you choose to capture. I really love the prespective and distortion of the second image, it makes the contex very interesting.

  11. The great thing about these images is that they could and would stand strongly on their own, but when you pair them together they have a conversation between them that is really interesting. The content of each image are completely unrelated but what connects them is the intention of elements such as color, line, and shape. I enjoy the pinkish tint to the first image and I actually would like to see that repeated in the second one as well. I think that it would create a different mood to the images in general.

  12. The composition of these photographs is striking. The grid lines in the glass blocks complement the leading lines in the pavement so well, it really unifies the photographs as a collection. The color scheme feels futuristic, making the photographs look like stills from a movie, like Blade Runner.

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