14 thoughts on “Mallory Griffith”

  1. I would like to see more images from this series since light is a very broad subject. With only two images it is difficult to know your intentions for the project, but that can also be answered in the description. I am drawn to these images for their abstraction and they show the way light bends in order to transform a space. The visible texture in these gives depth despite them appearing to be minimal.

  2. I love how soft the light is in these two images. That combined with the soft focus and the subject matter create really abstracted compositions. I also notice how light interacts with smooth and not smooth surfaces. The light and shadows in relation to the textures create really interesting effects.

  3. I like the play with texture and lighting, and the effects they have on depth of field and context. I’m curious to know more about the theme and it’s interaction with viewers.

  4. My favorite thing about these photos are the pink tones in both of them. I’m drawn to the second one because of the smooth texture contrasted next to the rough texture. I would love to see more from this series!

  5. I have no idea what these images are of, and that’s what I love most about them. The coloring matches the soft focus of each picture. Very cool stuff – I’d suggest to keep going along with abstract, it suits you well.

  6. Since this series is about light, I’m wondering how these subjects were lit. Although these images have great colors and I enjoy minimalism, with such a broad subject, I am still a bit confused how this involves light- and how light is an integral part of the series. I do enjoy the abstraction though!

  7. I find the first image compelling in composition and texture. The reality of this space is difficult to imagine – depth is hard to gauge. These are good thingz imo. The second image leaves me wondering and imagining less, though I enjoy the color tones.

  8. Even though there is not much content in this photo, there is so much to look at. The second one has so much texture. I also like that the image is split up in two parts, 1/3 smooth and 2/3 having more texture. I would love to see more in these series.

  9. I enjoy the warm pink/yellow ish hue that both of them images have. The second and the texture it presents is interesting, I just wish it where a little bit more in focus. In the first I like the contrast between the smooth surfaces and light bit of fuzz at the bottom. I would love to see what you do next.

  10. I really like these. Their abstract nature really allows the viewer to explore them while the texture is grounding. Really beautiful. I guess I don’t know what exactly about light your series is exploring, but I’m not sure that, although these images have light in them, that they necessarily seem to me like they come from a light theme. Just a thought. Maybe change the theme? The photos are wonderful, I would love to see more! Thanks for sharing

  11. I think making truly abstract images can be difficult in photography because of the camera’s inherent way it captures the “real”. These definitely feel successful in that regard. I don’t feel like they are referring to any specific object. It’s because of the uncertainty that draws me in. If these are about light, then I think it’s a success too because there are few other elements that distract me from that. Color and texture are the only other things there, but light has a lot to do with how those come out in the image. Nicely done.

  12. I think the use of intentional blurred images helps the viewers focus on the lighting and textures within the composition. Also, the minimalistic compositions are also very interesting choice requiring the viewer to focus on the color/ lighting.

  13. I really like the color in your phtos and the soft and smooth effect. It keeps me thinking what are these and where you got these effects. I just personally really like photos that draw my interest and keep coming up in my mind. You pictures are really beautiful and dreamy.

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