photography, Western Michigan University

Rebecca Schaefer



Rebecca Schaefer
ART 3470: Digital Photography I
digital prints, 8.5×11 inches

The photos Becoming One and Prolonged Inquisition are pieces of a growing series about how man and nature can become one. Every year man’s desire for growth and technology tears at mother nature’s complex ecosystems. With my photos, I hope to return to a more natural world where man and nature are once again unified.

19 thoughts on “Rebecca Schaefer”

  1. I think the first image very strongly represents your theme. I see the unity between humans and nature in that first photograph. The hand bends in the same way the plants do, and the composition separates the hand from the rest of the human body which creates this interesting concept.

  2. I think this is a very interesting subject to capture through photography. The first image had me staring for a very long time because I thought the hand was reaching over trees and it is a good representation of the connection between man and nature.
    The person is posed well in the second image, but I think you could have included more in the bottom of the frame and it makes the framing a little awkward. I think your focus and depth of field are very effective in both images.

  3. The first image incorporates your theme really well, with the parallel form and style between nature and human elements. The second image doesn’t have the same unity that the first one has.

  4. Just from looking at the first photo I had a pretty good idea of what your theme was. I absolutely love how the hand mimics the plant and how the golden sunlight bounces off man and nature in the same fashion. I think you made a good choice with the shallow depth of field in the second photo.

  5. I agree that the first image is much stronger than the second. Something to consider is that framing just the hand in the first image means a more universal reading, where including most of the figure in the second image makes us focus on the individual person (perhaps more than the theme they represent). I might try framing the second image to include a more balanced combination of natural and human figures since I feel that the human figure dominants this image.

  6. This work is really beautiful and there are many artists working with this concept and similar ones. Check out the blog it’s all about artists reflecting on the relationships between humans and animals/nature. These two photos are great though. The gestures of the bodies are very gorgeous. Only thing that I would change is the flat lighting in the second one.

  7. I do think it is interesting that your description is all about man, referring to earth as mother nature. Yet, you a subject who is either a female (not sure if that’s how they identify). I would either look at incorporating men or push this absence of them.

  8. I really love the first image. I feel like it communicates you concept well. The hand mimics the shapes of the ferns and makes it fell like the hand is apart of nature. The second puts nature and the human in a more contrasting way. I like it but just be concise of wether you want unity or contrast. Great job!

  9. These are great. Very disorienting at first, but I like that about them. Together, they seem to tell a story. The only thing that I would say is since you are focusing on creating imagery with humans and nature interacting, maybe consider some other approaches. Although humans touching nature or being among it is interaction, what else could they be doing? Making a fire out of firewood, collecting flowers, think about how they might not only be with the land, but interacting with it on a deeper level. Just a thought. Nice job!

  10. I really enjoy these two pictures. I am especially drawn into the first one. I love the way the movement of the hand, mimics the tree. The colors are also, very appealing. If gives off a relaxing felling. I would love to see more in these series.

  11. I like the composition and point of view in the second image, it is much more interesting to look at than a traditional portrait. The first image does a great job of using pattern and mirroring to create a fluid and effortless composition. Great job!

  12. I love how clear these images are! The colors are so clear and almost water like. They kind of look like reflections. Good job

  13. Interesting concept but I don’t think your images are portraying it as well as they could. They are both technically sound images, but I think if you simplified the surroundings, or didn’t include the face in the second, it would be much stronger. Good start to a very intersting concept!

  14. You definitely had an interesting and honorable goal in mind with your art. I think that the first photo achieves your efforts with the most success. It seems natural and even a bit comedic to see a human mimicking nature. The second photo is interesting (it took me a while to understand what way was up and what was down), though it seems a bit more forced than the first. I’d love to get to see the rest of the photos from this series!

  15. Your first photograph in this set caught my eye immediately. Great composition and solid juxtaposition between man and nature. I love this concept and I think this photograph pulls it off in strides.

  16. In this series my favorite image is the first one. The composition is perfectly set in the warm light extended on the subject’s hand. It keeps in theme with a sense of nature and creates a warmness you only obtain from sunlight. The leaves surrounding the hand also contribute to this as they rise upwards. Great work!

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