8 thoughts on “Jordana Rubnitz”

  1. The third photo for me is my favorite I love how you chose three photos of the same subject with different angels and compositions. Even though the first and third picture are similar, the second one provides a unique point of view. Looking down on a subject promotes some feeling of inferiority, as that’s a film technique I heard about.

  2. I really love the last photo and the high contrast between her shirt and the background. I also enjoy how her hair goes from darker to lighter in the same way the photo does. I also like how the lighting is contrasting on her face mimicking the rest of the photo.

  3. I love how you experimented with different angles. I think overall the composition is great, but the editing is a little off. Some parts of the photos are a little blown out, but other than that I love them! The third one is the strongest.

  4. I would like to better understand your choice of vantage point. What made you decide between horizontal and vertical, straight on and from above? Be sure to consider why do you choose these things, particularly in portrait photography because it conveys quite a bit of information. Know what you want to portray and then utilize the applying methods. Right now I don’t quite get what you are trying to portray.

  5. I think you’ve made great use of the space for these images, but there are areas where I would like to see just a little bit more room-such as the second one around the arms. You also did a fantastic job in capturing expressions that are natural and that show the subject is comfortable.

  6. I appreciate the simplicity of these portraits and how the individual is the only point of focus. The black and white creates a more emotional feel as well, more emphasis on form than color. I would consider knocking some of the whites/highlights down a bit, my eye goes there before anything else.

  7. I am curious to know what alternative process you used in these images. I think out of all three, the last image is my favorite: the contrast is subtle, the whites are not blown out, the details are perfectly captured, and the expression on the person’s face compliments the lighting and composition.

  8. I really love portrait photography in general so I was very drawn to these photos compared to others on the site. I think the different angles you used create three images that are of the same person yet are completely different. My favorite of the three is probably the last one because i think we see a little more of her, and her mouth is slightly open making the image seem more natural and less posed. I almost feel as if i can begin to understand what her personality may be like.

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