7 thoughts on “Mariel Bolger”

  1. Love the concept here ! I think you picked the strongest of all your photos to post on this blog and seeing only these together brings that message and theme out prominently. The rabbit is a powerful symbol and the way you used it in all the photos portrays the message in a different way and I like that.

  2. There is something very unsettling about the first two images, and all three have very powerful emotions. I think you are very conscious about the space you choose to include in the frame as well as the position of the rabbit.

  3. I agree with sam. You definitely picked the strongest of your photos to post. I love the ones that are a little darker in substance. I feel like those are more interesting to me because you don’t usually see those kinds of portrayals of stuffed animals! I love the direction you’re going with this

  4. This is such an interesting concept! The point of view in the last photo really solidifies the perspective that you’re trying to capture, the rabbit feels like such a powerful symbol for childhood and memories. I really enjoy the creepiness of the first two photos as well.

  5. The last image is my favorite out of the ones of seen in your series. The rabbit looks so lonely and forgotten, like after a long day at the beach its owner forgot it. I think this series creates space for each viewer to reflect on their childhood.

  6. The composition in these images is very strong. I really love the fist two and the tension within the frame. In the second I enjoy how the rabbit is so small and takes a minute to recognize. I also really love the colors and how the rabbits pink interacts with the more neutral colors.

  7. I really enjoy your concept for these images. It is a very shocking yet very relatable topic. To see something from the perspective of a child is truly humbling because it makes us see how small we are in this world. Your color palette that you chose matches the rabbit perfectly and your compositions really help drive those strong feelings to home. Overall, you did a great job with your images.

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