14 thoughts on “Sam Molinaro”

  1. I absolutely love the colors in these images- the soft textures and blurring work really well in creating emphasis in certain areas specifically in the first image. Although I’m not sure how the second image fits with the theme of intimacy, it aesthetically fits with the group.

  2. First thing I notice are the colors. I also really like that you excluded people’s faces from the images, it leaves them a little more vague and up to interpretation. It seems to be somewhat of a dreamlike state of mind you are representing. The way you treat your images is really beautiful. I’m not sure if I get intimacy specifically from these, especially since there isn’t anyone even in the 2nd image, but I could see how some might interpret it that way with the warm fuzzy feeling that these images leave behind.

  3. These are really interesting. The softness and glow of the second and third image definitely feel surreal or dreamlike, and the third image does speak to the idea of intimacy because of the bed, but I’m not sure the others do. I do get a feeling of nostalgia or a sense of moments being fleeting, but I think if you’re going for intimacy you should focus more on people and touch etc. However they are all really beautiful and captivating!

  4. The images are beautiful, the way you treat the color makes their mood very airy and warm. By having the faces obscure and a vague identity a viewer would have an easy time relating to the moment. The second image is confusing based on your description. However, if a viewer constructs their own narrative it could be a different perspective that takes place where the first image is. It could be a different sensation that takes place simultaneously while one experiences happiness.

  5. I really love the last image and the softness of it. The pink hue is very comforting and inviting. The first image is very good as well I like the motion and intimacy of it. I think that it is easy to tell that you where capturing a specific moment and freezing it.

  6. There’s something so magical about the first photo. It has a very timeless feel to it. The second photo looks likes it may not even be a photograph at all. I feel like it could be something underneath a microscope. I didn’t even notice the face in the third photo at first, which has a very neat effect. The way the sheets create a smoky pattern creates an almost spooky effect.

  7. These images are absolutely beautiful! I love the softness of every thing. They’re very romantic and I know you said the felt kind of cliche but i don’t really think so. You definitely nailed the “intimate” look.

  8. As you know, these are so incredible.
    I love their feel and the way that they portray a story even though they come from different shoots. Really nice work.

  9. I really like the second photo. The shallow depth of field makes some of the grass clear and some blur, creating a sense of mystery. Although I think you could do a little more on the color correctness since I think there is a bit too much red or pink (I could be wrong on this).

  10. Your images are very dreamlike –they feel like memories. There’s something about the first image that makes it feel like something that we all have seen before, making it very relatable. I think a big part of this effect comes to fruition by covering the faces of the subjects. This makes it so that they could be anyone –which is why it feels like it could be an image from my own memory for all I know. The middle image is processed cool, but I can tell that it’s just grass, and that makes it a little less interesting. The final image reminds me of sleeping in on a Sunday morning. That’s probably the image that got me thinking about dreaming. Very cool stuff!

  11. I love the last photo!! It really took a lot of time and thought to determine what exactly you were portraying and I think it came through beautifully. It is very creative and a great take on intimacy. It makes you feel like you are in the subjects thoughts and that is as intimate as you can get. I don’t, however, think that the first photo quite follows the same idea as the second two. The second two are very dreamlike and eery, whereas the first one is very focused and you can understand what you are seeing. I think it conveys an idea of intimacy but not quite in the same way. How did you get the dreamlike effect on the third photo?

  12. I am really intrigued by your last picture. The last photo reminds me of a dream. It is almost like you’re stuck in that moment and you can’t get out. Or, when you just stare into space and you don’t move until someone comes up and asks you what you’re doing. The layering you did to get to the end product is really well done. I don’t really understand the second photo that much because it just looks like a blur over some tall grass. The first photo goes well with your description though. I just really enjoy your last photo and I think if you did a whole series on just different iterations of that image, or position, you could make a fantastic portfolio. Good job!

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