12 thoughts on “Sarah Stankey”

  1. All three of these photographs look very professional, and well edited. I love the first two for their composition, a component that I feel is lacking in the third one. Having the tree stump centered like that seems a bit awkward, but I love the first two a lot.

  2. I like how you center things and shoot them straight on, it emphasizes them in the space and doesn’t overwhelm me with an overly complex composition, I get to sit back and look around the rest of the image for the tiny details without them pushed in my face. Beautiful shots!

  3. Your photos are so beautiful! I love consistent they are in color, texture, composition and feel, while still remaining diverse and interesting to look at on their own. Can’t wait to see them printed large.

  4. I really love the haziness of the first two images. In the first image the fog and light interacts with the trees in a very beautiful way. They both give me a sense of a dram like state. Great Job!!

  5. I love the first two photographs, especially the composition of the first one. I would bring the blues down in the second one but other than that I love the textures.

  6. These are absolutely beautiful!! I really love the first image! The composition of the tree and the light coming through the branches really draws my focus to the subject. The lighting could be a little softer but over all good image

  7. I really like the sense of atmosphere and light in the first two images. They have a hazy dreamlike quality that I find very appealing. I think that the last image could use more contrast, I had a hard time identifying the rabbit’s foot due to the similarity of the color with the surface its sitting on. Compositionally I like it, I just don’t know if it’s intentionally hard to read.

  8. These photos have a strong natural feeling about them. The only thing that I am a little bit confused about is why the first one seems so surreal or edited and then the others don’t portray a similar effect. Was this on purpose? otherwise, nice job.

  9. I wish you have specified what alternative process you used. The first two images are my favorites because of the composition and lighting. The third image is a little too busy in details so the focus gets lost — I wished the background was a little more out of focus to amplify the foreground.

  10. With the first image I really enjoy the light coming from behind the tree giving off the rich shadows to the tree. It gives off a lot more detail to the bark of the tree with the light coming from behind. The last image I wish was closer up when it was taken. My eye gets drawn more towards the background with the leaves on the ground.

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