photography, St. Norbert College

Hanna Raczek


Hanna Raczek
ART 280–Intro to Photography
Digital print; 13″ x 20″

In many of my self-portraits, I live out a vision of who I see myself to be, which manifests as varying combinations of soft femininity and fierce defiance. It often comes with a flavor of fantasy on the side. This is a softer version of me; I wanted to be beauty and strength.

photography, U of Wisconsin, Madison

Sam Molinaro





Sam Molinaro
Art 476: Intermediate Photography
digital prints; 8.5x11in
20 image Series titled “Self”

This series titled “Self” explores the personal and captures moments where one’s attention is unfocused and undirected. Very rarely are people comfortable being left to their own thoughts, void of distraction. A personal intimate relationship shows through when focus on the external environment reverts back to their internal for a brief period of time. Similarly to capturing these moments in people, I also translated this idea of being lost in thought into physical spaces. I explored places and settings with a very personal atmosphere that could provoke this introversive, self reflective state.

photography, U of Wisconsin, Madison

Erika Herrera




Erika Herrera
ART 576-Alternative Processes
Digital Print; 16″ x 20″
Series of 20

The photographs are taken with a pinhole camera to create the illusion of a world that mimics reality but is a setting where only my alter ego and I coexist—it is a mental space. My alter ego, also known as “The Buffalo” is a being that existed as an idea before it became a constant presence in both my artwork and my life. Our relationship is about acknowledgement of the other and accepting that our life together was preordained but not without complications.

Kellogg Community College, photography

Sara LeVault



Sara LeVault
Art 230 – Digital Color Photography 2
Medium: 35mm slide film, cross processed and scanned.
Original print size: 8×12 on 11×17
2 images in series

I had shot 36 exposures on 35mm slide film, then I cross processed the color film and scanned the image. The purpose for this assignment was to make photos taken digitally and make them look cross processed.

photography, Rollins College

Sam Wall



Sam Wall
ART 300 – Photo II
Digital Prints; 13×19
Series of 15

These utterly minimalist portraits shun all context other than the physical body of the subject and create a space that allows for the body to be laid out for inspection by the viewing audience. Whether obstructed or not, the gaze suggests a moment caught off guard, a moment in which defenses were lowered either willingly or by chance at the very time of exposure. Much about a college-aged man is judged based on his self-representation of his own masculinity, including the (over important) issue of sexuality. What do you perceive about the people laid out for your view?

photography, Western Michigan University

Olivia Morrissey





Olivia Morrissey
ART4470: Digital Photography II
Digital Prints

One with Nature: This series of images shows the nature and natural aspects within individuals. Being one with nature is a beautiful thing and is a reminder that we all were born into this world as clean and pure individuals and all natural, similar to nature.

The images are a representation of how I feel when I am surrounded by nature. The sensation I feel is a calming and rejuvenating experience as well as becoming one with the nature I am around. Letting yourself become one with nature has changed the way I look at everything around me, I see the beauty in all natural aspects of the world.

photography, Rollins College

Abbey Toshie



Abbey Toshie
ART300- Photography II Theory and Practice
Digital Prints; 13”x19”
Series: 1 and 2 of 14

“Urging the viewer to recognize processes of perception and recognition in the midst of their occurrences, the abstracted shapes and forms within the work encourage a personal, continuous, visual engagement that pushes beyond our normal limits of seeing. Obscure textures and lines undulating alongside deep, black voids position us within an indefinable space, asking us to consider perceptual experience beyond conventional understanding to a realm past the point of our own comfort and familiarity.”