11 thoughts on “Olivia Cook”

  1. I really enjoy these images! I really like the first one. At first I saw the two lines in the back on the right side of her and thought it was distracting. But then the more I look at it, it adds a lot to the image. I like the way they mimic each other, even with the reflections.

  2. The first thing I noticed is the calmness of the water and the intensity of the subject. They provide a beautiful contrast. The reflections in the water add much depth to your images. However, I would like to see more meaningful shadows cast across the subject’s face instead of the relative darkness that is present.

  3. I find both of the images to be elegant and impactful even though I don’t know the conceptual idea behind them.
    The light, the exposure, the expression, even the framing, all work really nicely together to make up the images. And the reflections…what you were able to capture is beautiful.

    In the second image I really enjoy the dark foreground and the dem face paired with the lit background. The light foucses us in on the subject.

  4. These photos are very personal. They really externalize the internal in a very poetic way. And I love how you composed these images! That top photo looks so surreal, reminds me of Nicolas Bruno’s work. Check it out I think it can give you lots of inspiration!

  5. I really enjoy these images they are very well balanced and athletically beautiful. I love the extra texture that the cloth adds – I really wish I knew the theme behind these images. Nonetheless I love the images the colors are perfect and the lighting compliments the image as well.

  6. Very powerful. The symmetry is great in the reflections and they really portray a strong emotion. I would be curious to know more about your use of the cloth.

  7. Nice work Olivia!!! Have to say this again here because I like this series so much! The composition of the second photo is especially good and the reflection of the water works really well!

  8. I’m curious to know what alternative process you used. The images are stunning! I think the lighting can be a little better to bring out the details of the person’s face and the texture of the clothes. The softness of water in the second image with the gradient of dark to light is beautiful and captivating.

  9. These photographs are beautiful! I particularly enjoy the backlighting on the second image, it creates a powerful but serene feeling, especially where the light barely touches the models face.
    The way the cloth is draped over the models face reminds me of the Veiled Vestal Virgin by Raffaelle Monti, it’s a beautifully composed photograph.

  10. When I first saw the first image it caught my attention right away. It looks as if you caught her breaking through water and she still has that overlay of water over her head rather than a cloth over her head. And the last image shows that she broke free from the water and is curious as to what is going on. The lighting and shadows of both images give off rich detail to the subject.

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