15 thoughts on “Ali Deane”

  1. When I saw these I thought of them as a self-portrait because of the expression on the subject’s face. There is an awareness of self and space and they don’t look staged they are a private moment captured. The shadows in the first image are beautiful and there is a nice range in gray tones. The overlay on the second image is also interesting, it doesn’t obscure too much of the image, but I think it should be expanded to cover the entire image and not just the figure.

  2. I really like the softness of the images. I think for the second I am intrigued on how you achieved that effect. I would maybe consider lighting the shadows just a little but I do really enjoy the contrast of the image.

  3. I love the composition of the first photo. The way the lines of the shadows directly lead up to the face really balances the image. The difference in white space versus black space in the second photo intrigues me. The fade from light to dark is nice and has a dramatic effect.

  4. These are beautiful. The contrast is great and I wouldn’t change a thing. Beautiful composition and use of light and darkroom techniques. I hope to see more.

  5. I definitely think that you should continue to play around with double exposures. The gaze of the subject in each is very strong and intriguing. Good sense of framing and lighting exposure. Thanks for sharing!

  6. I love the shadows in the first one. It makes the jaw bone stand out in a very beautiful way. However, I wish I could see her a little more in the double exposure.

  7. I love that here you have shown both the first exposure then the double exposure of this photo it really adds a lot of depth to it. I also love the tonal range in the double exposure. I also really love the use of lines in the double exposure to complete where her gaze is going, I think that it is a very strong image.

  8. The lighting in the first image is soft and soothing, especially with the direction it is shining through the image. The second image has a very interesting composition. You have done a great job printing the images — the amount of details and sharpness is right on!

  9. Wow Ali I love these. They have such a strong composition and the tonal range is beautiful. The double exposure is so interesting and it has nice texture and interest to it. I love the contrast between the two images.

  10. I really enjoy these images! There is a soft and calming feel to them. I also think the expression on their face. It looks clam and peaceful. I think the black and white fits the images really well, color would have not been as successful.

  11. I love the darkroom techniques here and I think your work with film is very impressive. The photos are soft, with just enough contrast. I just think the content could be a little less cliche, but that is nothing more than my opinion

  12. These images are truly beautiful. Your use of soft lighting on the human figure is gorgeous without being too over powering or too contrasty. The double exposures in the second image really intrigue me because to gives off a very mysterious feeling which is something you don’t normally see in human figure studies. In my opinion, I think they could have been stronger with a slightly darker palette but that is just my opinion. Overall, great job with your images.

  13. Beautiful and fantastic shadows within both images and amazing soft lighting on the skin. This soft lighting is very pleasing to the eye and brings a sense of innocence into the image.

  14. I am amazed by the contrast you were able to acquire in the second photo and the fact that you have symmetry creates a really interesting piece. It seems to be surreal and your use of soft lighting is truly phenomenal.

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