15 thoughts on “Jessi Havens”

  1. I enjoy looking at the movement in the images, I gather that she is perhaps a dancer, and content to be alone in an empty space where she is able to move and express herself through her medium. I think the natural lighting was also a good choice, the warm light and shadows on the wall are visually interesting. While it is not an issue in the last image, you should be sure to straighten lines in an image–such as the windows. For those to be slightly crooked distracts from the overall composition.

  2. I love the way her the model interacts with the empty space she’s in. Additionally I love the shadows produced from the window. I think they do a really good job of balancing the composition. The one thing that I would change is that in the final image, the shadow on the wall directly cuts into the models face and can be a bit distracting.

  3. As you know, I absolutely love these. Wonderful lighting, great choice of model and very exciting theme. Looking forward to seeing more!

  4. Saw this work at the student art show in the Art Lofts yesterday! These are some very characteristic portraits you’ve taken. I think the ones including the full form of the model are the strongest. It’s a cool space that you took these in too, and I like your use of natural lighting. I think that the first photo is the most well lit -the others might’ve benefited from the use of a soft light in addition to the natural lighting. Good stuff!

  5. I find theses images to evoke a sense of freedom as the model’s gestures are open and deliberate. Something that I find interesting about these images is the neutral simplicity of the organic figure placed in the neutral, yet linear space.

    Lastly, the warm tonal values make these images beautiful, but the harsh, cool light reflecting in the floor of the second and third image is a bit distracting. The cool light on the body works beautifully, but the cool light on the floor takes away from the image.

  6. I love the body positive confidence that oozes out of the model’s demeanor that was caught in these images. I really enjoy the intention of the completely neutral color scheme so that there can be a hyper focus on the movement of the model in the space that she is in. I also really love how windows light that is reflecting onto the wall was repeated throughout each image because I think that it really helps to tie them all together. The only thing that I would say is that the lighting could be more consistent throughout. Great work!

  7. As you already know, I am in love with these pictures. She seems like she’s having so much fun during the shoot, and I remember you saying that was important for you, and i think it really does show how beautiful women can be, with just simple portraits that aren’t over sexualized.

  8. These photos are gorgeous! The model is beautiful and the lighting and colors in the photo are strong but subtle. I like how the shadows in the room from the window interact with the subject.

  9. I think the first photo of this series really stands out. And I think that you can try to tilt your camera to the left a little especially in the first three pictures, in order to match the floor and wall.

  10. I think these photos are beautiful in their raw simplicity, the way that there is no specific color to stand out creates a very pleasing image. The light also creates a lot of interest that only adds to the image, while the model remains the focal point. The first photo is specifically interesting because of the models small smile, it makes you wonder what the smile is about.

  11. I love the simplicity of these photos. The choice of space, the model and her attire and posing, are all natural and beautiful. Lighting is also very nice. I think you can leave out the fourth image. Compared to how strong the first three are, you don’t really need it.

  12. The body placement within every image seems to be well thought out and they are very strong in terms of composition. I also enjoy that you decided to have the model wear a neutral color for her clothing. Everything in the image is very neutral, very minimal but by the way you positioned the model, the camera and cropping within the image, it makes for a very strong and inspiring set of images. Amazing work, these are beautiful images of the model and of the body.

  13. In your first image, I love the expression the subject is showing. You did a great job of capturing the subject. I also love that these images feel natural. I know that I’m looking at the raw version of this subject, no photoshop required. It provides a mood for the viewers and I think you’ve done a great job getting your point across. I love this set of images, well done!

  14. These portraits represent a relaxing emotion. The relaxing emotion comes from the way the body is placed, her facial expressions, and neutral colors. I’m drawn to the idea that this model is a dancer because of the poses she makes and the outfit she is in. The poses look like she is stretching. The model is comfortable showing expression and being photographed. This also backs up my idea of her being a dancer because she is used to having an audience.

    I really appreciate the lighting in these photographs. The reflection from the window is appealing and you use that to your advantage when you photograph the model interfering with it. (Photo 1)
    Something I want to change is the background in photo 2 & 3. I think that you should take the photograph in a spot where you can’t see the window, (like in your first and last photograph). To make a more unified and stronger series I think you should include the shadow and light from the window on the model in all of your photos.

  15. I like that you captured a moment of vulnerability but also a moment of relaxation. I also like that though the photographs are fairly monotonous the subject, the women, still pops.

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