photography, Rollins College

Abbey Toshie



Abbey Toshie
ART300- Photography II Theory and Practice
Digital Prints; 13”x19”
Series: 1 and 2 of 14

“Urging the viewer to recognize processes of perception and recognition in the midst of their occurrences, the abstracted shapes and forms within the work encourage a personal, continuous, visual engagement that pushes beyond our normal limits of seeing. Obscure textures and lines undulating alongside deep, black voids position us within an indefinable space, asking us to consider perceptual experience beyond conventional understanding to a realm past the point of our own comfort and familiarity.”

12 thoughts on “Abbey Toshie”

  1. I think that your statement is pushing at something very much worth approaching! I’ve found that this sort of goal needs a broad range of work, so I’m happy to see that these are only two of fourteen. I certainly like both of these as standalone images, but I think they could be pushed further. The top looks like sandpaper carved through with an exacto blade, and the bottom looks like shimmering curtain frizzles descending from the ceiling of my bedroom. These conceptions took a bit of creative energy to name, but I want to be left speechless! I want to see something I cannot describe or experience through my eyes.

  2. both images have details and textures that are mesmerizing and to abstract. I think you have reached your goal of encouraging a perception outside of ordinary thoughts and ideas. I can’t tell what these objects are, yet they seem so familiar! your choice of black and white brings out details and hides clues of what the original subject matters are. I would consider revising the artist statement, as I found it a little too confusing and heavy.

  3. I think that these are perfect examples of abstract photography. They are simple and easy to enjoy. Very much so enjoy the high contrast of these images and the denial of a recognizable subject.

  4. I really appreciate your concept and would love to see more images with this idea. These two compositions evoke what you are trying to say, but I think you should keep pushing, as abstract photography requires a lot of thought and playing with different camera and lighting settings.
    Each image is visually pleasing in it’s own way. To me, the first one is very hard and abrupt, while the second one encompasses movement. My eyes get lost in the image (in a good way).
    Lastly, have you thought about shooting/editing in color, rather than black and white? Or is your concept meant to be all black and white? I think it would be interesting to experiment with color images.

  5. I really love these images. The contrast in them is very beautiful and the texture that it adds to the image is also very pleasing to the eye. The abstraction is very effective, which causes me to stay with the image longer and try to figure out what it is.

  6. Wonderful and captivating images. The contrast and very deep blacks make them very visually pleasing. These definitely call for some large, quality prints!

  7. I think these two images are really strong on their own and are actually made to be even more successful with the inclusion of your text. Sometimes saying too much can be detrimental to work and can limit the viewer’s perception of an image but here I think it’s good to hear your take on expectations of photography and what happens when a medium that represents the world turns abstract. It makes me wonder what I’m looking at and keeps me intrigued while I ponder the text as well.

  8. These are great. I love the statement paired with the images- it really provides insight into the work which is often not the case with artist statements! I would love to see more of these in a series. The sharp contrast and ambiguity of the images really draws me in as a viewer. Nice job!

  9. I feel like you’ve done a great job at accomplishing their goal. I was drawn to these images at first because they made me feel uncomfortable especially the first image. It makes my teeth hurt it makes me think of violence and pain. I see separation in theses photos. The first image feels more personal because it looked like something very small maybe microbiology. The second image feels more like something very large. I love the grain in the first image it looks like sand or particles. I’m very impressed with how many different emotions these photos made me feel.

  10. I think the abstract nature of these is key to fitting your theme and description. Not fitting the photos to any representational thing we can think about causes the viewer to think beyond their first, second and third thought. In a way you can drift into nothing and come up with very subjective interpretations of these

  11. The texture quality in both images is very strong. They both show great texture, I personally love that you can’t seem to tell what the images are. The contrast is excellent as well as the way the images are shot.

  12. I think the top photo is the stronger composition wise. Concept wise the bottom I feel fits your statement more. The fact that they are in black and white really work with the composition and the photos.

    Great work

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