9 thoughts on “Brianne Lint”

  1. These are both really nice photographs. I’m not seeing a conceptual connection between the two, of course there doesn’t have to be either, that’s just where my mind usually goes and I think a lot of other people will to. If they are meant to be together, then I start to imagine that this is her tattoo and that, like many tattoos, it holds significant meaning for her.
    The direct gaze and deadpan stare in the portrait is very compelling. The soft shadow is very beautiful as well. I think it is somewhat reflective of police, passport, ID and other portrait photos that are taken of people in order to categorize and catalogue them.

  2. I should agree that there is not a clear theme that could help the viewer tie the two images together. the lighting in the second image can improve, but i think you have executed the black and white feature pretty well — you have all shades of gray, whites, and blacks in your image which brings the image to life.

  3. I think that I understand what you are trying to do, but I am not sure that this comes across without some kind of an artist statement. Is this the back of your subject, and are you trying to explain that a person can be represented through their tattoos? Is this an ongoing theme? Or is this the only set of photos and only subject? I would encourage you in the future to remember not to get stuck with horizontal framing. In portraiture particularly, it is often a good idea to frame vertically in order to have the viewer’s eyes focus on the subject.

  4. I do agree with other comments in that the theme of your project is not clear, but I do interpret the two photos as being different sides of a person. [Black and white as a traditional portrait signifying what one might see of the person at a glance, and the color portrait representing something unexpected of the individual]. I think the landscape format works for the top image because you have the subject filling the frame nicely, but it is not ideal for the second image because there is more space on one side and it distracts from an otherwise great photo. If it is part of a series you will want to keep the orientation of the frame consistent throughout each subject.

  5. I really enjoy both photographs, although I do not see how they are connected and play together. I like the first image. It is ver interesting and has some beautiful colors. I like how they re wearing a blue shirt and it contrasts with their pretty, tan skin. I would like to see more in these series, to see how they connect together.

  6. I can see that how they are connected just because of the fact that the top seems to match the second. However, I think the connections would be better if you had both images in color, it seems little random for the one image is black and white.

  7. I noticed the clothes on both pictures are the same so I see they are connected. But after thinking a while, they could be just an accident that they are actually not the same person! Moreover, the fact that one picture is black while the other is color makes my assumption even more interesting.

  8. I see the theme of self identity, but I know that this can be represented in a more interesting way. Rather than only focusing on the subject matter; for instance the tattoo and the portrait, I would recommend finding ways to represent these explicit things, in a non explicit way. Also, tying the images together visually will help. I’m not drawn to the concept of one black and white and one color

  9. The subject of these images is no doubt interesting. I like how you’ve isolated a unique feature with that tattoo. The lighting is also very appropriate. I think that you should think about framing more as you shoot your photos. Both of these are straight on and have the subject focused right in the middle of the frame. Moving the subject to other parts of the frame could make for a more interesting image.

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