11 thoughts on “Jessica Schumaker”

  1. I like the idea of putting two people in a situation that almost forces intimacy. It’s a great idea to use a shower for such a purpose. I’m very interested to see how you would expand on this idea to new settings. I personally struggle to not think of sexuality as a topic of these photos -you might want to think more on ways to go beyond sexuality as you continue to explore intimacy.

  2. I really love these images, and clearly see the progress that has occurred over the course of the semester. The focus, color, and exposure are all great. I still really love the texture that the glass provides!

  3. I think you have a great idea on the portrayal of intimacy. Your choice of setting and how you captured that vulnerability is very good!

  4. I think these pictures are amazing. I am excited to see more! I think putting them in other vulnerable situations would be interesting to add, even though I know right now you are focused on the shower!

  5. The shower is a very vulnerable place and a very private setting in the home. I think you have captured a beautiful moment in these images as well as ones from your previous post. Where you chose to crop the images gives indication of an intimate moment that is not sexual. The expressions captured in the first image are beautiful and you used the abstraction caused by the water in the second image really well.

  6. I love these images and the idea behind it. I do think you achieved your goal of portraying intimacy and vulnerability, but I think you could take it further in the future. I am excited to see where this series goes!

  7. I enjoy how the second image places a boundary in front of the viewer and the subject- this reiterates the privacy aspect of a shower, and this builds off the concept of intimacy in an important way. The first image still gives off a vibe of intimacy, but it isn’t as covert or private as the second. I am looking forward to seeing other spaces in which you portray intimacy.

  8. As you know I love these! What I’ve always loved the most is your glass panel separating yourself with the subjects. Not only does it add to the composition by contrasting depth, but it removes the camera from the scene.

  9. The emotion in each picture is great, it’s so natural and shows them in a relaxed state their not forced to be happy they look as if their in their natural place of comfort.

  10. I appreciate that you are highlighting on the aspect that being in the shower can be seen as being intimate, and not always sexual. I also enjoy how personal the images seem to be. Very minimal in composition and content but larger meaning behind it all. Great job.

  11. I like what you are doing here. But I like more close ups of the human body. Like two people holding hands in a vulnerable moment.

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