12 thoughts on “Lee Troz”

  1. Some of the images are very busy and it’s difficult to see the string on the screen, these would be great to see in person. Using a lighter colored string was a good idea, it makes me stop and look for it in the image. I think the last three images are more successful, the heavily abstracted figure works well with the string. The first image is out of place in this grouping because it is more simple than the others.

  2. I really enjoy the first image! You posted a series with this picture before, but the multiple media really adds to it I like that you cannot see the expression on her face and the orange paint covers it. I don’t know what the meaning of it is, so I would love to see more in the series.

  3. I like the concept of adding dimensionality to a photograph through use of 3d materials, however it is hard to see the string in the last three images and I think making that more of a focal point instead of the intense colors may work better.

  4. the composition of threads in relation to the actual image works really well and adds a subtle detail that guides my eyes towards the focus of the image. The first image is really cool!

  5. If I was to exclude any images from these it would be the first one. On its own its a very strong image but in conjunction with the others it really sticks out. I love the concept of the images though.

  6. I absolutely love the thoughtful additions of paint and thread to each image and I think that the direction you are going in is wonderful. The one thing that I would say is to think about the element that really connects each image to the same series. Each image is stunning and I think they each have something interesting about them but they seem sort of out of place in a series. I would just make sure that they all connect together and I think the overall aesthetic will come across a lot stronger. Awesome images!

  7. I really like how you added to your previous images it takes on a very different vibe with the vibrant colors. I also enjoy the geometric shapes that you have incorporated throughout your work.

  8. This is cool. I like the concept of the mixed media and photography. Interesting project. Was the color added later on as well?

  9. Hey Lee! Again, I really like the composition of the first photograph. The squares, shapes and shadows look fantastic. I also think that the threads connecting each corner of the square to the face is very interesting!

  10. I love the multimedia aspect you added. In remembering your previous post, and the photos about death from the show, I really like the use of thread in that top one. It tells me that the subject, her entity is tied to the scene which represents death if I remember correctly.

  11. Something I love that’s different with these images is how busy they are, there is so much color and vibrant detail. For some people it may be a bit distracting, but I enjoy the fact they are bright and wild.

  12. I would love to see these printed in person. I had never really thought of adding other mediums to photos such as thread. I think these are all very well thought out and the thread seems to be in perfect place in all of the photos. There is no sense of accidental placement. These are wonderful.

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