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Olivia Morrissey





Olivia Morrissey
ART4470: Digital Photography II
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One with Nature: This series of images shows the nature and natural aspects within individuals. Being one with nature is a beautiful thing and is a reminder that we all were born into this world as clean and pure individuals and all natural, similar to nature.

The images are a representation of how I feel when I am surrounded by nature. The sensation I feel is a calming and rejuvenating experience as well as becoming one with the nature I am around. Letting yourself become one with nature has changed the way I look at everything around me, I see the beauty in all natural aspects of the world.

19 thoughts on “Olivia Morrissey”

  1. You have a lot of cool stuff going on here! While I find your artist statement to be a bit redundant, I think your execution of humans within nature and nature within humans is quite compelling. I’m especially drawn to the last image. Did you intend for the clothing tear to take on a leaf shape? If this was a decision you made, it was a great one. If not, I think it might benefit you to play with this sort of creative expansion in your other images. One last note is that your artist statement (the first half, anyways) strikes at universality. I think it’s best to avoid telling people that everyone can relate to your work. At the same time, I think you can craft your work to be more relatable by excluding faces. Keep up with this series, I’d love to see more!

  2. I agree with Jackson in that you should consider excluding faces, however if you wanted to have portraits you might be able to make the faces transparent to show nature through them. I think the first image is the most successful, it is a beautiful pose and there is just enough transparency happening, but I do find the person’s clothing distracting. I really like the subtlety of the change in the hand in the third image and would like to see a tighter zoom to see more of the interaction with nature. Overall these images fit into the theme of your project and it would be great to see more.

  3. I really enjoy this series. The first image is my favorite out of all of them. It looks very organic and not too photo shopped. The others have a fake feel, but this one works. It looks like the body is one with nature. The colors are very vibrant, which add to the image.

  4. Though you stated that you wanted to express yourself feeling one with nature and loving it, these are almost like you are being absorbed by nature and it’s a bit unsettling because you are literally disappearing in the images.
    I agree with others that the first image is successful but that the clothing is distracting. I too find that it might be interesting to exclude the face (something I do a lot in my own work).
    The only image I’m not sure about it the second one where the hand is melding with the bark because the ground is covered with leaves. Perhaps you wanted to show that you are the tree? Interesting images overall!

  5. These are really intriguing to look at and I like the concept of becoming one with nature. I think the change from human to nature is too drastic in some of the images. Subtle gradation and more blending would help create a more natural feel

  6. the concept is great! You have done a great job blending human features with nature — the transition looks flawless. My least favorite is the one with the woman’s face because it’s a distraction from the actual element which you are focusing, and I also think the transition of the hand to the trunk can improve. My favorite, on the other hand is the hand; it’s clear and sharp. the composition works well.

  7. I really enjoy this series, I love the naturalism in each image. I love that each image has its own organic qualities to it and how the nature consumes the subject. I love the concept and you did a great job on the blending of organisms.

  8. This is great! I love your use of photoshop techniques to really make the human subjects one with the nature surrounding them. I would caution you when it comes to centering your subjects though. Try to remember to follow the rule of thirds and keep your subjects slightly offcentered if you can. Great job!

  9. These photos are awesome! Just by looking at these images, I could already understand what you were saying before I even read the paragraph above.

  10. I think these photos show a lot of photoshop ability and technique but I think sometimes theres just too much going on in the photos. The one that i think works with your theme and is the most appealing is the hand with the bark one. I think the simplicity of it just being a hand allows your intent to show more.

  11. I enjoy the concept of the series, and I think there’s a good amount of variety in body parts interacting with nature. However, I think your work would appear stronger if you worked on your photoshop skills. In the first image, you can see where to took the clone tool and picked from the right side of the image to paste onto her body… Maybe try shooting the scene without her in it first, and then combine the two images to create a more realistic looking effect.

  12. I think your theme is good and I can see were you are going with the images. My favorite is the one with the hand and the bar because the photoshopping is more subtle and the rest of the image is blurred so I focused on that aspect more.

  13. These are really interesting. I like the images a lot, but I’m not sure if they mesh with your concept of nature being calm and rejuvenating. To me, they were almost a little scary! Perhaps you should focus on the exciting and somewhat frightening side of nature. Either that, or re-visit your images to convey your original message in a different way.

  14. The photoshopping here creates a very interesting effect. One’s connection with nature can be interpreted many different ways, and you manifested it in this physical way, visually.

    I think that photo with the person in the slight background staring at her hand touching the tree is a bit obvious. I’m more drawn towards the ambiguity and I think the explicit face can disrupt that.

  15. I think you did a great job at making your photos accurately represent your artist statement. The images you chose to upload here are stunning. I really enjoy the way you visualize a fading into nature. We all came from nature and will return to it. Who are we to tell nature you can only go this far. We draw distinct lines and tell nature it can’t cross the boarder. When I’m in the woods I sometimes fade into the woods like that as well.

  16. As many others have said, I think this series is extremely successful. I am in love with the photo of the girls back that is overlaid with the photos of nature. I think the way they are combined works well, and although it’s a somewhat uncomfortable idea it makes me feel relaxed and calm. As a series they are all beautifully created and give me a sense of relief.

  17. I really enjoy your series of being one with nature. It is truly unique and I haven’t seen anything like it before. However, I would enjoy seeing this images pushed a step forward. Though your series is based on being one with nature, I feel as if you could take the images even farther by portraying a deeper emotion while also becoming one with nature. I really enjoyed this series though and it really stood out to me as the viewer.

  18. The Photoshop effects in your images are fun to look at and equally thought provoking. My favorite is the very last one –maybe because it is less straight forward than the others. With that being said, I think that your images are very obvious in their approach to your theme. I think this could be considered a good thing or a bad thing from person to person. On the one end, it gets your message across clearly, and on the other, it runs the risk of being “cheesy” or “gimmicky”. I think that the better job you do in blending the images in Photoshop, the more professional they will look and straight forward approach will be backed up by strong asthetics. I might be sounding very critical, but don’t get me wrong, I love these pictures! Excited to see more images if you choose to upload them.

  19. This is a pretty interesting approach to this topic. I wonder if photoshopping and very clearly manipulating these pictures is contributing to your idea or being counterproductive? Maybe photoshop is not the answer: its such an artificial process compared to nature.

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