10 thoughts on “Tara Gallagher”

  1. I think these images could be a lot stronger at another angle and without other things in the corner of the photos. It tends to look like snapshots or even a little messy.

  2. I like the concept of your series however the first thing I think of when I see these pictures is it’s something someone is trying to sell and took a picture of. I think abstracting the items more or shooting in natural light would make the items more interesting to look at.

  3. I like the concept of your series however the first thing I think of when I look at these pictures is someone is trying to sell something and took a picture of it to post online. Abstracting the items or shooting in natural light would make these items catch my attention more.

  4. since the objects are ordinary and you are trying to explore the theme of memory and time, i would try to capture these images using a unique perspective and angle of view. You can also use lighting to extenuate features that you would not normally see. You have a great idea, but I think you can work on the composition to make it stronger.

  5. This is a really interesting concept, but the problem with memory and objects is that that nostalgia, that feeling of memory that comes along with them is very particular for each individual. In other words, others stuff that might be sentimental to them would mean nothing to me. This is my reaction here. I understand that these things must mean something important to someone, but they don’t do anything for me so instead what I am seeing is photos of stuff with no significance. Try to emphasize their meaning maybe by placing them back in history? recreate the scenes that made the items important maybe? Or at least try framing the objects differently, or giving them some contrast? Keep going, it is a good idea but just needs to evolve a bit more I believe.

  6. I think these images could be much stronger if they were shot at a different angle- or if it is from an ariel perspective, make it seem more intentional. I enjoy the concept, but the way that these are shot right now draws attention to the wrong areas of the image- the texture and color of the floor is very distracting in these images.

  7. I would agree with some of the above comments, I would play around with angels and perspective to play into the subjectivity of memory and time. The images right now become more about the object and showing it in its entirety then they are about the emotion attached to those images.

  8. I think these photos could really be pushed further, giving a bit of context that helps initiate the feeling of nostalgia may help. For example a different setting that would give more information than the simple subject, or even just a different angle and natural lighting could give more of a feeling. The idea is great, there just needs to be a little bit more information so that the photos can really reach their full potential.

  9. I think you should represent these objects in less of a deliberate way. Think about the meanings and try to capture those sentimental memories in a way that makes the photos more visceral

  10. I agree with the above comments and think that you can use them to affect your future work. I also agree on the strength of your theme idea –the follow through just needs some work. Maybe shooting in black and white could help the images feel more related to memory and time. It might also help to take portraits of people holding the objects that are important to them which otherwise might be meaningless/worthless to others.

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