6 thoughts on “Kay Foster”

  1. I definitely sense the mood you are going for in these photos. The bright fall colors don’t necessarily give me happy relaxing feelings but instead display nature to be very strange, harsh, and interesting.

  2. I love the crisp colors in each photo, they are very h vibrant and really capture the beauty of fall. However I dont sense these as happy imagery. What I enjoy most about them is the focal point in each picture. I love the shallow depth of field and how the background is blurred just right.

  3. I really enjoy these pictures! The colors are very beautiful and calming. I think it’s very amazing that you captured all of the reds in nature and not as much green. I think the second image should have more background so the leaves are not touching the boarders as much. Giving them more space would help. I would like to see more in the series.

  4. The red pops in these photos are very nice and the crispness makes me think of a cool fall day. I am not really seeing the ferocity visually depicted although I get the berries are probably toxic.

  5. You did a great job following your concept! I think the presence of red really makes things more harsh and fiery than the soft yellows and oranges. That first image is dead on!!

  6. Amazing job at making the plants look fierce and almost poisonous! I think if you were to continue doing this you should try to find as many neon or bright colors in nature as you can! As you probably know, these colors are commonly associated with ‘danger’, and I think it would really help make your concept stronger!

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