photography, Rollins College

Sam Wall



Sam Wall
ART 300 – Photo II
Digital Prints; 13×19
Series of 15

These utterly minimalist portraits shun all context other than the physical body of the subject and create a space that allows for the body to be laid out for inspection by the viewing audience. Whether obstructed or not, the gaze suggests a moment caught off guard, a moment in which defenses were lowered either willingly or by chance at the very time of exposure. Much about a college-aged man is judged based on his self-representation of his own masculinity, including the (over important) issue of sexuality. What do you perceive about the people laid out for your view?

9 thoughts on “Sam Wall”

  1. I definitely see the vulnerability here. I think the colors, clarity and lighting give this harsh almost unflattering presentation of these subjects. Both of these photos catch them off guard which also adds to this unflattering, revealing mood.

  2. I feel like you did a great job accomplishing your goal. Just looking at these images I found myself intrigued but also slightly judging these strangers from the comfort given to me by this screen. I’m hiding behind a scream judging people braver than me. People who are more open with their bodies than me. Who am I to judge them. I think you made a great choice of background. You also did a great job choosing a variety of models.

  3. In both photographs the subjects look vulnerable and uncomfortable. The two as a series make me consider the “ideal male figure” that the media and society project. The typical muscular, no body hair, manly man. These photos make the viewer reflect on how many men may feel when they can not fit these unrealistic images.

  4. I really enjoy both images. I think the second one is more successful because the face is clearer. I like how it is very minimalistic and shows the human body in the raw form. It might have been interesting to do full body photographs. I think you made a good choice of the background.

  5. I appreciate the fact that both men look somewhat vulnerable and uncomfortable in these photos, most times in photographs men are portrayed and strong and in control so I think this is a nice change of pace. The simplicity of the photos really give you the time to look more deeply into the mens body language and facial expression. The first photo is more intriguing to me, because his facial expression can be received in many different ways.

  6. These images portray the opposite of how men are usually depicted. They appear uncomfortable and somewhat insignificant. I think this is a great way to bring about discussion on gender roles and representation.

  7. I immediantly start seeing what could be changed on them to create the ‘ideal body’. As a woman, this is not a new concept to me. I however, men and women both look at the concept of the perfect figure in a different light.

    You did a good job of catching the models looking out of their element here. Especially since one of them has their eyes closed. Great concept

  8. I like that these photos are straightforward and raw. To me, they look like they could both be the average man, but i think that doing a project like this wide a large diversity of people could be really interesting.

  9. The spotlight or highlight of the subjects’ bodies adds to the vibe of these 2 images which is discomfort or the off-guard feeling that accompanies being on display. Their facial expressions, body shapes and amount of body hair are the three characteristics of their ‘self’ that stand out to me first. The plain blue background adds to the ability for the viewer to focus solely on the subject, yet perhaps the mood they each portray is somewhat influenced by the blue color and harsher lighting. If the background was red for instance and the lighting was red as well, perhaps the same expressions and bodies would look a bit different under those circumstances.

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