6 thoughts on “Alexandra Hayden”

  1. I really love the second image of the moss. I think the balance between whats in-focus and out of focus is really nice. I also really enjoy the color in the first image, you did a great job capturing close up shots of the nature and the lighting is very good.

  2. I enjoy the focus in these images, especially the second one because there is something serene about them. I think the colors are beautiful and you framed the image really well. The second and third images almost look as though they are from a book or miniature set and the background doesn’t look real to me and I think that is what I am drawn to. I’d like to know what the project is about.

  3. These images are absolutely beautiful. The second one is my absolute favorite. The colors are vibrant but still very soft. I think the depth of field really made this image as great as it is.

  4. The incredible shallow depth of field in the first one is so intriguing. It creates an entire landscape out of a very small space. I love the golden hues throughout that piece as well. They interact very well with the green. The white line on the left side of the first image is somewhat distracting in my opinion, otherwise I love that photograph.

  5. Beautiful images! Love the compositions and the use of color and selective focus! Definitely mesmerizing and magical, the bokeh effect around the subjects makes these even better. I could almost see tinkerbell flying around in these.

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