13 thoughts on “Ally Rinka”

  1. This is really great, I love the attention to detail, especially reflections in the water. The mostly green setting allows the subject to really be the most important part of the photograph. I do think that the photograph is a bit over exposed, but it also aids in the otherworldly vibe that you’ve created.

  2. I enjoy the conceptual part of this photograph very much, as well as the title, and the layout. I think that some deeper saturation could help the photo pop. Other then that, I find the photo to be interesting and in depth.

  3. Whoa. This is very surreal. I feel like you very nicely execute your stated concept. I find this image exciting because I’m simultaneously wondering/being impressed by how its made and feeling the anxious state of the floater. Also yea the surrealism I’m so into this, we never get to see this in real life so I’m just really liking the whole experience of the photo.

  4. I really appreciate the concept behind this picture. I can relate to this feeling. I feel like the photo acrately represents this idea. The low saturation works good to show this feeling. You did a great job paying attention to all the little details in this image such as the reflection in the water. I’ve very impressed and not quite sure how you did some of this.

  5. I really like the concept behind your image. I like how the hair is just slightly touching the water and is reflected, there is a very beautiful symmetry going on in this image.

  6. Very nice image, and works well for the concept. The image is so surreal that I think adding some more saturation or something to make it pop a little more! Overall very beautiful and well done.

  7. I really enjoy this image! The concept is very interesting. The image looks like something impossible which makes it interesting. I also like the colors with all the green. I would love yo see more in the series.

  8. Very cool. The only thing that I would suggest is that with the composition, try not to center your subject right in the middle of the frame, because it takes away from the rest of the image. If you center the subject a little bit to the left or to the right, the viewer will still see it, and you will be better following the rule of thirds.
    Nice concept!!

  9. This is a super strong image!! I love the concept however I don’t think I would have gotten all of that by just looking at the picture. You did a really good job editing this. It looks very natural.

  10. This is really good. It makes me think how you did it. Some editing on the lighting at the bottom would be matter the picture stronger. Other than that its really good.

  11. I like how you caught the motion (or is it Photoshop). I believe it might be better if you zoom out a little bit and find a cleaner background so viewers’ attentions will focus on the person.

  12. I like the warm colors that are portrayed in the photograph, it goes very well with the environment setting. An anxious feeling is felt when looking at the photograph because of the way the girl is positioned. I wonder how the photograph was taken. How is the girl balanced without moving.

  13. This one really caught my eye when looking through the blog. First of all, capturing the image you have just before she hits the water is very impressive. I love the bright lighting of the photo and how relaxed she seems laying just above the water, almost like she’s being pulled away and not in. A slightly higher angle might have been nice to capture more of her face, but it might be harder to see how close to the water she really is.

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