8 thoughts on “Anthony Allred”

  1. I appreciate your choice to include people in your compositions as it makes the work more interesting. I find myself feeling a sense of excitement for the individual in the frame. To me, the images are more compelling with the human present as it gives perspective and a shared experience.
    Also, I like that none of these images have a centered horizon line because the spaces feel more expansive. Lastly, I very much appreciate the colors and deep depth of field captured.

  2. These photos are beautifully composed. They are balanced very well and the color is absolutely stunning. I love the sense of adventure that the first one creates.

  3. I love that you mentioned wanting people in the frame because at first I almost didn’t even see the people in the third photo. At a quick glance the people blend in with the trees but once you see them it entirely changes the feel of the image.

  4. Including people in your photos can change the whole effect of them. I feel since you mentioned it was a trip with your school that its appropriate to have some of your classmates in the photos. The first one turned out the best in my opinion, I at first thought he was a lighthouse, not a person. But when i think of Maine, i picture the ocean and all the bays that have light houses, i he fits right into the scene. Well done.

  5. I like how you include people in your photo. It really makes photos more engaging and appealing to the viewer. To me, it makes me want to be that person and dream of standing where he stood, and seeing what he saw. It’s incredible to feel this way. The photos are beautiful.

  6. I love how all the pictures include people in them. Many times when people take nature pictures, its just of nature itself. Also, what makes all the pictures all appealing is the strong, natural landscape its portrays. The angle these pictures were taken also helps the viewer grasp a good view. Very well done!

  7. I was really drawn the the first photo with the light coming from the persons head highlighting the water and a few rocks bringing a bright color out. I also loved third with the dark silhouettes outlines of people and the trees against the sunset.

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