8 thoughts on “Cait Leiby”

  1. The lines from the bricks from the first photo and the shadow from the second photo are really strong. The shadows and the lines make both images cohesive.

  2. I think you’re picking up some interesting shapes and lines here, with a composition that I like. I would push to decontextualize and further abstract the shapes (making them meaningless), or provide sort of narrative or symbolize to add meaning to the image. The first image has nice tones and I wish I could see those brighter whites with the stair image. Overall I think you have a good eye but I feel that these images are missing something.

  3. I can see you have an interest in finding abstraction in everyday constructions/shadows. Good eye! My recommendation would be to try to get some more contrast when you’re developing your images, and continue to abstract these forms by cropping, zooming, using creative angles, and so on to add more visual interest.

  4. Nice job with these. The shadows really add interest to the images and the way that you chose to print them really conveys a soft and positive feeling. I like that they are taken out of context, and only give the information of that small area to the viewer.

  5. I love the compositions of these images. You did a really good job of abstracting the space. They are a little flat but i think that adds even more to the images. The feel like an old movie still. Good job.

  6. The composition of the second photo is awesome. I love how the stairs and the shadow fall parallel and give the viewer two separate paths to follow throughout the image. Overall very strongly composed, only thing I would focus on is focusing.

  7. I enjoy these photos because they look like they were taken in the 1950’s. You had a good eye for subjects in each. The geometry is enticing while not overwhelming. He photos do look pretty grey –you might benefit from using a contrast filter in the dark room to bring out the high and low ends of you photos. Keep up the good work!

  8. I really like the second picture because it includes leading lines and also consists of many geometric shape. I myself am really into geometric shapes and therefore the second pictures really grabbed my attention. The composition of the picture is great! I love how the shadow creates a repetition to the picture adding more shapes and lines!

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