photography, U of Wisconsin, Madison

Erika Herrera




Erika Herrera
ART 576-Alternative Processes
Digital Print; 16″ x 20″
Series of 20

The photographs are taken with a pinhole camera to create the illusion of a world that mimics reality but is a setting where only my alter ego and I coexist—it is a mental space. My alter ego, also known as “The Buffalo” is a being that existed as an idea before it became a constant presence in both my artwork and my life. Our relationship is about acknowledgement of the other and accepting that our life together was preordained but not without complications.

3 thoughts on “Erika Herrera”

  1. These are so eery, the soft look from the pinhole camera really adds to the mood. I also thoroughly enjoy the story behind the work and alter ego, it adds another element for the viewer. The composition is also really great, which is so difficult to get with pinhole photography!

  2. I love the choice to use a pinhole camera. The strong contrast, and moving exposure builds the fantastic, or parallel universe you are creating.

  3. I really like this series of images you captured. I believe they go along together really nicely. I am impressed how you got such fantastic images by just simply using a pin hole camera. I enjoy the message that I am receiving through the series, however, I wish that all of the picture would be in focus except for the girl in the white dress. I feel like the series would get an even stronger message across if everything was in focus besides the costly figure. However, I am a fan of your work and would love to see more images like this.

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