photography, St. Norbert College

Hanna Raczek


Hanna Raczek
ART 280–Intro to Photography
Digital print; 13″ x 20″

In many of my self-portraits, I live out a vision of who I see myself to be, which manifests as varying combinations of soft femininity and fierce defiance. It often comes with a flavor of fantasy on the side. This is a softer version of me; I wanted to be beauty and strength.

7 thoughts on “Hanna Raczek”

  1. The lighting in this portrait is absolutely beautiful. And the warm tone. The folds in the yellow material are accentuated with this lighting as well as the focal point of the arm (strength). This evokes your concept of soft femininity and fierce defiance in a delicate manner. Although, I find the unintentional wrinkles in the fabric to be a bit distracting.

  2. The visual flow in this photo is great. The leading lines created by the skirt are mesmerizing. The glow created by the lighting is a lovely touch.

  3. You composed this image very well, and I enjoy the color choices. You might want to spend a little more time on lighting the image, as the dodging done on the hair is a noticeable as a glow around her head.

  4. The feeling of being soft and fierce are definitely there. I think that idea is pushed further because of the props you used, such as the fabric choice, the color choice, the braid in the fabric as well as in your hair and the lighting. The lighting is beautiful on the skin, creates a beautiful highlight along the side of the body while creating a nice shadow on the opposite side.The light also creates interesting shadows on your body that I am noticing, quite beautiful.

  5. I love the context of this image. I think you nailed it perfectly. The composition enhances the strength that you want to portray, the curve of and shadows created by the body bring the softness. Gorgeous image.

  6. This is definitely a strong and powerful image. Facing away from the camera closes off the body from the viewer which conveys authority in itself. Furthermore this motion of de-robing also puts the power in the hands of the women. Defiance of the male gaze through a photograph is very interesting i like it!

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