6 thoughts on “Jim Rogers”

  1. Agreeing with the comment above, the ring light being more centered on the iris would have made the image a tad stronger. But yes overall, the image is great, very creative and inspiring for myself to create things I normally don’t create. The colors in the image are also both very calm but vibrant, which is a very nice touch.

  2. This image is amazing!! I think one way to improve it would be to crop it even closer. So the eye itself takes up most of the image.

  3. I enjoy this image, but I actually disagree with the first two comments- if the ring was centered it might look too photoshopped, considering photoshop is already present in bringing the image of the hand and apple into the eye. The off-centered ring reminds the viewer of your process.

  4. Nice photo, but I would say it will be better if you remove some detail on the person’s face. The texture of the face draws my attentions away from the eye.

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