Richard Saylor



Richard Saylor
Art 230 Digital Color Photography 2

Landscape photography assignment​ called Old is New. Images created by photographing, using a Nikon D610, thru an antique Kodak Twin Lens Reflex. Printed 10×10″ on Ilford cotton rag paper.

5 thoughts on “Richard Saylor

  1. This is a very interesting way of capturing a photograph. These images make me feel like I’m actually taking the photograph through a camera, but have the color richness of what I expect film to have.
    It’s amazing what a border can do to an image, I guess.

  2. These two images are truly remarkable in the way that you are reviving the older, more traditional styles of photography. The color palette and use of cropping really gives off the antique feel. And the colors that you were able to capture on the film is awesome. Overall, you did a marvelous job.

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