photography, U of Wisconsin, Madison

Sam Molinaro





Sam Molinaro
Art 476: Intermediate Photography
digital prints; 8.5x11in
20 image Series titled “Self”

This series titled “Self” explores the personal and captures moments where one’s attention is unfocused and undirected. Very rarely are people comfortable being left to their own thoughts, void of distraction. A personal intimate relationship shows through when focus on the external environment reverts back to their internal for a brief period of time. Similarly to capturing these moments in people, I also translated this idea of being lost in thought into physical spaces. I explored places and settings with a very personal atmosphere that could provoke this introversive, self reflective state.

2 thoughts on “Sam Molinaro”

  1. There is something very beautiful that happens in the second image that is missing in the first, I think the cord of the blinds looks staged and I don’t get the sense of an intimate interaction with space. I like the focus and the depth of field of the third image, but I think the most successful images are the second and fourth. The framing is very tight and the viewer is able to get a range of meanings and emotions from these two images because they show a window into a personal life.

  2. There’s something thats so raw about these photos. I love how you use natural light on your subjects. The last image brings about a sense of reminiscence and nostalgia. I would buy that image!

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