5 thoughts on “Sara LeVault”

  1. Your use of color ( especially complementary colors) is fantastic. The first image has a stronger composition and use of color. I would re-take that forest shot when the leaves are changing.

  2. I really enjoy the colors you were able to capture within your images. They are quite vibrant but not too over powering. If I could give one suggestion, I would just advise you to watch your focusing because your images seem a little out of focus causing them to look a little blurry in a couple of spots. But overall, beautiful job with your images.

  3. The colors in the picture are amazing. I think the angle at which you took helps compliment the colors. I also really like the sun that is in the bottom picture. It barely shines through and it makes the picture more mysterious and sets the tone more. Well done.

  4. The popping out of colors catches the eyes in both the pictures and drives us to the subject matter. Loved how you took only half of the beam of sun and let the natural colors of the leaves come out in the second picture.

  5. These 2 images use color and texture very effectively. The first image has a nice composition with varying shapes and sizes in each third (top, middle, bottom) of the photograph. The second image utilizes the rule of thirds well and the glow of the muted sunlight throughout the trees is a very successful element that allows for the color and shape of the leaves to be the central focus.

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