Kellogg Community College, photography

Sara LeVault



Sara LeVault
Art 230 – Digital Color Photography 2
Medium: 35mm slide film, cross processed and scanned.
Original print size: 8×12 on 11×17
2 images in series

I had shot 36 exposures on 35mm slide film, then I cross processed the color film and scanned the image. The purpose for this assignment was to make photos taken digitally and make them look cross processed.

4 thoughts on “Sara LeVault”

  1. I love these two photos as a series. One of the most iconic vehicles ever made is the VW bus and it is associated with hippies and flowers and this series is a beautiful ode to this classic image.

  2. These are so cute!!! They feel like images you’d see in an older magazine!! The colors are very vibrant and spot on! You did a really good job developing these!

  3. I love these two photos as a series. The van really sets off the 80’s feel to the photos. The flowers tie it all together with vibes of being very retro.

    Very nice work

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