photography, Western Michigan University

David Borzkowski





David Borzkowski
ART 3470: Digital Photography 1
Digital Prints; 13” x 17”
10 Prints in this series

“Untitled/Uninsured documents the nature of a replacement economy, the wastefulness of American society, and the environmental damage caused by automobiles.

American customs do not place an importance on old and out of date objects, and instead, the old is torn down and replaced with the new. Automobiles reflect a highly concentrated form of a replacement market, where companies are solely focused on creating replacement parts for motor vehicles, and large plots of land are devoted to holding aged automobiles until they are picked clean of any usefulness.

When automobiles are left in junkyards they are reclaimed by nature, and poetically, destroyed the same way the vehicles did to nature. Nature cannot be stopped, and though we as humans may be damaging, we are nothing more than a blemish on the prepubescent face of Earth. These junkyards symbolize how the environment can peacefully continue to grow beautifully around destruction and man made objects without a care.”

3 thoughts on “David Borzkowski”

  1. I enjoy the contrast and shadows within these images- it accurately portrays the gloomy and eerie feeling that accompanies viewing decaying materials. I look forward to seeing more diverse images within the series- possibly from inside the cars, or more macro shots to create a more well-rounded and in depth analysis of your critique of throw-away culture. The one thing I would change about your artist statement is the phrase “blemish on the prepubescent face of earth” – its very cliche and unnecessary in describing the fleeting existence of the human race.

  2. While I think that these are nicely executed photographs, I’m not sure if this is the only way that you could explore your topic. Many photographers have taken pictures in this way, that’s not to say that you can’t continue doing it, but perhaps you could go at it from a different perspective. If you want to talk about humans being wasteful and the impact that automobiles have on society, I think you could look at situations that are currently happening rather than old abandoned car lots. This is an important topic which could be why many artists choose to explore it.

  3. I love the way you have juxtaposed man made objects and nature! I think my favorite part of your statement is when you say that nature is reclaiming these things after they have damaged nature already. Definitely makes me think about what really makes up our environment in this modern world. “Environment” is no longer just nature, but it has been combined with old, decaying technology. I think you would like looking at the book “Unseen City: The Majesty of Pigeons, the Discreet Charm of Snails & Other Wonders of the Urban Wilderness” by Nathaneal Johnson, it talks about how wild animals have adapted to live in big metropolitan cities. I think this book covers the opposite of what you’re doing: how man made objects reclaim nature and how nature has to adapt to live in the big urban cities.

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