Mississippi State University, photography

Adey Efrem


Adey Efrem
ART 3233: Studio Lighting

This is a double exposure self portrait, with a transition from dark to light as a representation of who I used to be & who I am now. The dark represents my past before I really met Jesus and before I knew just how much he loved me, while the light (or the sunrise) represents the hope and beauty that fills my life now because I know Him. ​

8 thoughts on “Adey Efrem”

  1. The use of color to convey emotion in this image is fantastic. I love the technique, and the message! I can see how much of your heart you put into this, Adey, and really respect you for it.

  2. I think this photograph is beautiful. I love the partial view of the subject as the self-portrait. It gives a sense of mystery and subtly compared to a traditional face-forward self-portrait that many people do. The light that is double exposed is very strong comparatively but in a way that it fades into the photo of the portrait. The light and colors that come out of the landscape really makes the photo pop and entice the audience.

  3. Wow! This image is breathtaking. I love the colors that were used and the double exposure to show your meaning. I think it was a great choice to double-expose, as it creates such an interesting image. I also like that you stayed on the yellow/red side of the spectrum. It makes the image very warm and appealing. You have a good felling for strong contrast, which shows in this image. The only thing I feel like I’m missing out on is the white area to the right. Is it a sky? I wish that there were just a little more detail, but sometimes that’s inevitable! I really love this image. Great job.

  4. The message you are conveying through the double exposure really speaks to me as something I’m going through in my life as well. The dark image with a bit of color, and then the bright light shining through really work well together here.

  5. This is a wonderful double exposure. The colors are so warm and the placement of the face with the landscape is very well-positioned. I do kind of wish the face and landscape was more centered in the photograph to provide more balance, but that doesn’t take away from the beauty of the shot.

  6. I love the way the portrait was taken and the placement of the landscape was displayed very well in comparison to the portrait. I feel it could be stronger if the colors expressed were change lighter or darker.

  7. Great photo! really feel it is displaying what you had wanted it to portray. I like how the face is turning lighter on one half which really helps indicate the change in your life. The face and the landscape also blend together very well making the photo more interesting to the eye!

  8. I like how only the face is emphasized (on the person) and how is blends with the background. Looking straight on it looks like a person, tilt your head 90 degrees and it does nto resemble a human.

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