photography, U of Wisconsin, Madison

Annabelle Hewitt




Annabelle Hewitt
ART 576: Photography
Installation Still (found photographs and acrylic paint)
Title of piece: “Was I Ever Really Here?”

Was I Ever Really Here? explores the concept of home through memory and nostalgia. The year I left for college my parents got divorced and moved to different cities. These abrupt changes ended up leaving holes in places I once found home. Many spaces and relationships that once occupied my life became inaccessible to me except through memory.

Using my childhood photos I am literally “erasing” myself with white paint to represent the disconnect I feel from the physical and emotional pieces of my past.

9 thoughts on “Annabelle Hewitt”

  1. I saw this in person, and I have to say it was great. I think the choice to do this on a massive scale creates the feeling of being overwhelmed by the feeling of being lost.

  2. I also saw this in person, and I really enjoy the message behind the work. I also think that the way you painted over yourself was really great. I love that you can see the brush strokes it adds a texture to the images.

  3. I love these photos and I loved sitting down with them during the show. reflection on your past and seeing how that has affected your present self and your future is very important. Also it’s important to feel validated in your feelings, especially long lost feelings from childhood.

  4. I really enjoy this series because of the personal aspect of the subject. Every photo tells a different story about your childhood and seeing them together creates a dynamic and diverse array of memories that helped shape who you are today. Great concept!

  5. Seeing the installation, I absolutely loved the idea and the images you have chosen. One of my favorites is the one of you in the barn! The concept is powerful and you have done a great job portraying your thoughts and feelings. The sense of disconnect and nostalgia is definitely present in your images. Great job!

  6. This sounds like a very strong concept and very personal. The choice of images seem to be strongly curated, but I feel that I more physical way of erasing yourself would be beneficial to the concept. These places in your memories weren’t just painted over.

  7. I was a little confused when first seeing this selection but after a while the repetition and continuity of style and subject was very calming. The overexposure to the individual photos provides a washed out outlook for the artist’s subject and meaning which is nicely done and still give the viewer a bit of detail within the bright subject matter. I do think it’s a nice concept to reverse the roles of the subject and foreground of the artist’s piece.

  8. I really love these photos. It’s a mostly universal concept to look back on your childhood and to not quite recognize who you were before. It isn’t that the memories aren’t still here, but instead you dissociate yourself from the memories as though it was somebody else living through those memories. I would love to have seen this in exhibition.

  9. This series is fantastic! The grid is a really nice way to lay out the images and each one adds to the overall project. Great work and I would love to see more images in this style.

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