Mississippi State University, photography

Brandon Clark




Brandon Clark
ART 3233: Studio Lighting
Digital Images
Series of 4, Only 3 included.

These images are from a project where we answered various questions about ourselves using backdrops and lighting designs in self portraits.

1. How do others see you? For this I referenced a time in my past as a child where I would sneak toys and video games to church. The backdrop represents my bedroom back then, where I had these posters arranged in a very similar fashion.

2. How do you see yourself? I see myself as a student who works hard, but is often short on time or running close to meeting certain deadlines. This is the reason for the backdrop and emphasis on the watch that I’m wearing as I’d be focused on time remaining more than the actual work.

3. How you want others to see you/who you are: I want to be seen in the light of a professional artist who is also a Christian(as referenced by the Bible in hand). This piece is the one I wanted to use to tie everything together in this series.

1 thought on “Brandon Clark”

  1. Really enjoy your series of photographs! I like how you used both your background and clothes to make your photographs more vibrant. I also believe you were able to capture the criteria that you wanted for your project very well.

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