4 thoughts on “Erik Salyer”

  1. I like the concept of photographing power lines and power plants. I would be more careful with your highlights in the sky, and your shadows in the second image.

  2. I feel like the first image is taken in 21th century while the last two were taken in Soviet Union. Maybe it is because of the building in the first image is entirely white and the overall environment in the last two images is much darker.

  3. I like these photos. I’m especially drawn to the final photo. I like being able to see the clouds and part of the tree integrated into the power lines and structure. The middle image seems the most gloomy and gives off a sense of abandonment. I think that all of these photos do really well in a series together. They seem like they all may have come from a futuristic, dystopian world.

  4. It’s often tricky to make still shots unique, but I think you have done it! Love the industrial feel to these.

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