photography, Western Michigan University

Megan Weaver





Megan Weaver
ART 3470: Digital photography
Digital Prints

Photo Demensions
Photos 1, 2, 3, 4, and 6 – Height: 8 5/8 Width: 11/7/8
5th Photo – Height: 12 7/8 Width: 8 5/8

6 photos altogether

Statement: This series is meant to just be for laughs and giggles. These photos were the process of me learning how to incorporate boom lighting into my digital photos. The inspiration from the concept came from a classmate who was eating noodles in class one day. I thought they smelled tasty and she said that she ‘loves some good nudes for lunch.’ We had a nice laugh. These pictures are the result of my inspiration.

2 thoughts on “Megan Weaver”

  1. The relationship between the noodles and her is almost erotic here. I think the incorporation of a rose and the dark clothing make it look like a romantic relationship. The last picture, specially, it almost looks like she just got caught doing something naughty with those noodles. Good subtle humor.

  2. These images did make me giggle! They are unique because the viewer wouldn’t expect to have the two objects in the frame together. This could make an interesting idea for a comical series. Great work!

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