5 thoughts on “Sanford Weakley”

  1. I like how abstract the second photograph is. I can barely tell whether the person is a male or female, young or old. And the film “noise” really enhance the sense of abstraction of your photograph. So if this photography is taken by a digital camera, it might not be as successful as this one.

  2. The ghosting effect in your images is compelling and creates abstact composition. I especially like the second image. I wish you had provided more context, but I get a sense of nostalgia, passage of time, and memory from that image. Both images are printed well.

  3. Love the sense of movement in these shots. The second shot in particular interests me in the way you are able to make out the human form with nothing other than shadows and light to help guide you.

  4. I really love the ghosting effect in both of these photos. It’s impressive how clear the rest of the top photo is despite having an uncontrollable environment. I wish you had provided a little context about what your motivation was behind each photo. They both are haunting and yet feel a little familiar.

  5. These feel supernatural and quite dream-like. I love your use of ghosting and think that this could grow into a series. Keep up the good work!

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