Kellogg Community College, photography

Tanya L Hilliker



Tanya L Hilliker
ART 295 Alternative Processes
Silver Prints; 8 x 12, 16 x 20

This semester I focused on using different printing methods in the dark room. I brought in foreign objects to expose (photogram) my paper, and then double exposed the paper again to fill in the remaining white space. My favorite ended up being a thin net; creating lots of texture and depth in the images.

I also, got to experience Mordancage. Another one of my favorite alternative processes. With the image of the girl on deck, I did a double exposure at night. First shot was long exposure f16 for 5 minutes on TMAX 100 film. Second exposure was with a strobe to light the girl so I wouldn’t get any motion blur in my image. After printing in dark room, I treated the print with Mordancage. I ended up liking how it looked wet, so I hurried and did a copystand photo of the image to document the bubbles that the Mordancage created.

9 thoughts on “Tanya L Hilliker”

  1. I think your experiments with different development techniques were very successful for creating some interest captivating images. Your techniques create enough abstraction that has the viewer interesting. But the context you do give give a dark aesthetic, that can’t help but draw the viewer in

  2. I think these photos are very successful examples of alternative photography. I especially appreciate the mordancage because when I tried it it turned out pretty bad. As images I appreciate their abstraction of a person. Good job!

  3. The use of texture is effective in these photographs. It adds to the overall feeling of this work. I feel the colors that you achieved are also interesting. These elements together create enough abstraction to keep the viewer interested.

  4. Your experimentation came out beautifully. I love the complexity of how each image is created. The abstraction you create by using these different textures is very strong.

  5. I really like the bubbles effect you had on your second photo! And it’s so nice of you to share your idea and your techniques here too! I haven’t printed photos myself in the darkroom for a while and your work just made me want to back to darkroom and do tons of experiments again!

  6. The overlay and texture on the top one are gorgeous. I think you found a great balance between the two photographs and making it into a completely different one. The second one is perfect in its eeriness.

  7. I think both of these images are wonderfully eerie, but if I had to pick one, I’d say the second one is my favorite. It seems like its something right off of the title of a horror movie you’d see scrolling through Netflix. I think both of them demonstrate why experimentation is so important and that it can lead to very successful images.

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