20 thoughts on “Ana N. Blakely”

  1. I really enjoy these images! Not only am I a dog lover but these photos are very well taken. I am drawn to the last one in the series. The expression on the dogs face so bizarre making it almost abstract and wrong. I would really love to see more in the series with funny, unfamiliar facial expressions.

  2. bork bork! These are hilarious and well lit/edited. I would consider recontextualizing the pups by taking them out of the studio – you could do this digitally and put them into a different scene. I would also reconsider the title of your series because this isn’t really through a dog’s perspective, but rather we are viewing the dogs through a pretty traditional human lens. If you made the background of the image something representing the dogs’ internal states, the title would make sense and I think you’d have more interesting work! Great dogs tho

  3. There’s something magical about how the camera can capture something that happens so fast we wouldn’t know about it had it not been photographed. Dogs have so much emotion and I think you captured it very well!

  4. These are nice! They certainly make the viewer smile. Maybe consider increasing your shutter speed so that there isn’t as much blurring? Unless that is on purpose and if it is it definitely does serve to create a kind of feeling for the photos.

  5. In the last two images I enjoy how the dog’s bodies appear frozen and their heads portray so much action. The lighting is well done although I think the dogs would have popped from the background and had more dimension if white had been used.

  6. the lighting are very well done. Have you considered/tried out a white backdrop? Since the dogs have darker colors, details might show up better on a white background. You have captured the dogs really well, though I don’t know if they really show life through dogs’ perspective. perhaps play around with the point of view and composition to capture that.

  7. The technique used here is wonderful. Dogs are hilarious when captured mid-motion with a fast shutter. Each picture captures a different emotion; all of which seem so pure and innocent because they’re dogs

  8. Oh these photos are so much fun. I think these photos due a great job of capturing a moment. The photographer must have immense patience with these shots to get the ones they wanted with these dogs and I hope had a blast making them as well. In terms of lighting, I think the photos are really well contrasted, especially with a dark background with a dark type of subject matter. The top one seems a bit overexposed on the top but the others are much more balanced.

  9. These photos are so fun! The lighting is nicely done. You lose a little bit of the dogs in the photos because they are so dark in color, but I don’t see that as a huge issue. I’m impressed with your ability to capture the dogs in motion. Even with a really fast shutter speed, it can be tricky to shoot with animals. The last two dogs have great expressions on their faces; you really capture the excitement the dog felt.

  10. I am really loving the emotion and sense of personality you have drawn out from these cute pups. Each shot has a totally different feeling, which is helping me differentiate the characteristics of these dogs. Really nice lighting as well, I like the attention to lights and darks.

  11. I love how these images capture how much emotion animals are capable of. It is sometimes hard to understand how animals feel because we don’t speak the same language, but these capture the emotion beautifully. I think the expression of pure happiness and excitement on all of these dogs’ faces over things as simple as treats and tennis balls makes you want to enjoy the little things as much as these dogs do. Its important to enjoy the little things in life because, as pictured, they can bring you so much joy. You shouldn’t let life’s little moments pass by unnoticed and unappreciated.

  12. I love these photos, they make me happy. The lighting in these pictures are wonderful. You can also see what great personality the dog has.

  13. These pictures are some of my favorite I’ve seen. The first one I love the innocence you captures in the dogs eyes, overall all of them you’ve captured such fun images. The plain background helps focus on the purity of the images. Dogs bring such a happy feelings which attracted me the this series.

  14. Love these pictures! I love dogs and really like the idea you had to incorporate them. The photo lets the viewer interpret the photo however they want. I also really like the lighting and the action shots you were able to get. The variety of dogs is great too!

  15. I love your work! These photos are so candid and light-hearted. Dogs are so positive and I think you did a great job capturing that here.

  16. The studio setting for the dogs almost takes them out of their element, but it really does a good job of highlighting the color of each of them. Using the ball to get a reaction out of each of the dogs appears to have worked very well and shows this goofy side of the dogs that you wouldn’t normally see if they were just sitting there.

  17. I thought these pictures were very funny to look at and observe! Mainly because these are pictues of a dog, but also, these are very much human emotions a lot of the time- Curious, surprised, and discombobulated. The background and each dog’s color contrast well and works nice with the lighting and shadows.

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