8 thoughts on “Marissa Murphy”

  1. I like this treatment. It seems like you’re double exposing and then painting developer on? I’m especially into the second, third, and fifth images because there’s some really weird stuff that I can’t explain (even if I think I know the process). In the first image, I think the skull may overpower the rest of the image; in the fourth image, I find the figure to be too prominent – still a nice image but not as interesting as the rest of the work. Oh, and the eyes are really working for me in the last image.

  2. I guess I wish that there were more of an explanation as to the theme of these. They are scary but I don’t feel like I am understanding a theme. Maybe they need a bit on an artist statement?

  3. The prints look really interesting. The composition of what seems to be a double exposure adds a lot of depth to it. The texture is detailed and visible. Overall I think your prints have turned out really well. Though, I am curious to know what your theme is, so I can get more context.

  4. These photographs are very disorienting and creepy, which I assume is intentional. Good job! I love how using the darkroom can create old school affects that work really well to make the viewer wonder what it is exactly that they are seeing. I think that by adding some darkness to some of the prints might make them even stronger.

  5. I like the atmosphere these give off. It’s consistent and creepy. Each image is good as well and can stand on its own. I find myself repeatedly fearful to look at the photos yet drawn to them.

  6. I really like the composition of the double exposure in these photographs. It provides a texturized feeling compared to most smooth appearances audiences get with photos. It’s a very interesting technique and beautifully done with this series. While I do think they appear creepy, they are done so very beautifully as well. I think the author might have wanted to touch on the cold and lifelessness of inanimate objects as many of the photos appear cracked and weathered with the use of the textures and the inanimate displays alluding to the body.

  7. These are terrifying! The obscure, non-representational subject matter is what creates this erie, unnerving atmosphere in the photos. To me, the second and fourth image are a lot less creepy than the first, third, and fifth

  8. I don’t want to look at these but I can’t look away. They give off a very unnerving vibe. The photos are all beautifully made and almost give life to what may appear lifeless. The human faces look like they could have been long dead, but they still appear to have a bit of life in them. Creepy life, like it’s going to come murder you in your sleep, but still life.

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