6 thoughts on “Alleigh Moffett”

  1. My concept was to focus on giving the viewer an experience of a hallucination/psychedelic illusion that involves projection onto a human body. With this series, I hoped to bring an array of different emotions based off the ten different images. This photoshoot did not involve actual hallucinations or drug use, rather just manipulation of the body and artwork to create different sensations.

    Digital Artwork for images 1-9: Copyright © 2016 Nick Valdivia

    Artwork for image 10:
    Copyright © 2016 Alleigh Moffett

    Photographs for image 1-10:
    Copyright © 2016 Alleigh Moffett

    Austin Thomas

  2. The manipulation using color and pattern works really well with your theme. The composition of the images and the expression of the model convey emotions and complement the patterns. My favorites are the second and fourth images. the only one that doesn’t fit, in my opinion, is the last one–the composition doesn’t fit the theme too well. Perhaps tryout different angles.

  3. The first and fourth images are working for me, especially the first. I think what you did well in that image is created a distinction between the subject and background – the subject is more saturated. I do wish the distinction were clearer, that the painterly lines did not extend onto the skin – or if they did, that it looked more intentional. Overall I like the colors and lines of your paintings, and appreciate that you’re bringing abstraction and figurative portraiture together, but I would explore ways of cleaning up or complexifying your work (clean approach seems best suited to these works).

  4. I really enjoy the texture to these images. The unique colorization of the portraits allows the audience to engage with the subjects mood in a different way than by his expression alone. With the different variances of amplitude in the lines and the various colors, the audience has another way of seeing how the subject is either expressing himself or how the artist wants to portray him.

  5. These are beautiful images! The textures add an extra layer of artistry and I am curious how you added them… very creative!

  6. Conceptually these are very strong images. No words are needed in order to understand the topic. I love the texture and color that was put into these pictures very psychedelic! I think the texture adds a sense of other worldliness to the subject.

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