6 thoughts on “Charles O’Neill”

  1. I like the composition of your images with the dead animal and the chair. Do the letters have any meaning or significance? I think out of the three, the first one is my favorite because there is more breathing room and the angle of the composition is more interactive. Also great job with the printing; you have all shades of gray and the image has depth to it.

  2. I think you have really good tonal ranges in these images. I would like to know about your intentions for using this specific background. Knowing that the animal is in the process of deterioration, by placing it in front of a trash can I think the decay becomes too obvious. Because the discarded objects are also damaged and forgotten there isn’t much contrast offered and the carcass no longer feels like the main subject matter.
    I do think the last image is the most successful because the cropping gives a point of focus.

  3. I love these. I don’t know why but these images give me the feeling of those artsy and gritty photographs you see when photography was starting to be seen as an art form. I feel a little repulsed but at the same time drawn to these photos. Good job!

  4. These are technically sound images, and I agree that the first one is the strongest of the three. I wonder if these are self portraits like in Salvador Dali’s melting clocks painting. This being a series of nine I think that the second picture could be replaced for another one since it’s very redundant with the much stronger first image.

  5. These are all really great images with a lot of nice tonal contrast. I’m definitely deeply disturbed by the photos, but my eye is definitely drawn to the images and doesn’t want to look away. There may be a little too much of the trash and decay theme by placing them in front of a dumpster. It might have been interesting to place them in a more unusual location where trash would not generally be accepted. Granted, I understand the desire to not spend your day lugging around trash to take a photo of it.

  6. I cannot imagine setting this photo, but I do appreciate the final result. These images show a theme of wasting away and the dull-looking man-made dumpster in the background creates a contrast from the natural decay of the animal subject, so I can see a two-fold meaning behind it. This image also intrigues me because the deterioration seems very serious and gruesome, but you set the subject in a whimsical form.

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